Bloc 83 - One Glenwood, Two Hillsborough, and Phase 3

Site plans filed for two hillsborough St.

10 stories with a total height of 150’.


You beat me to it. I was just about to post this.

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I would think the “offset” Boylan Ave. / Hillsborough St intersection was a prime candidate for a traffic circle.

Man, I wonder what’s happening to Dram and Draught… Happy to see something done with the rest of that space. Also excited at the several other parcels right there that are going to be developed soon too. That whole area is really going to connect the downtown sections.

Agreed! As is, the intersection invites confusion.

It’s sad is see Dram and Draught go but more business will come and go.

Is that dangling retail space on the SE corner of the site, proposed to be a shipping container? Sort of looks like it. The downtown container park in Vegas is a cool place and has me sort of turned on to the idea.

Eh the building design is a bit dull but what can you do, this is Raleigh after all.


At least one developer is not waiting on the news and prepares for the future.
What is the approx. timeline for Two Hillsborough?

Guessing they won’t break ground until One Glenwood is complete. It’s already kind of a pain walking around there due to the construction. That could be the end of the year with the way they are throwing One Glenwood up.

There has been serious consideration to the curb and pedestrian experience with these plans.
Great job in my opinion, there appears to be a concourse between the main building and the seperate two smaller retail spaces. Almost providing an extension for pedestrians from Glenwood South. The plans do show a shipping style container used for smaller retail, which will be flooded with people from both office buildings during lunch.


One of the many reason I appreciate this blog is the frequent posting of interesting architecture and projects in other cities. @Mark, I wasn’t aware of Container Park in Vegas. What a cool place! Thanks so much for mentioning it.

I also noticed what appears to be a container design in the Hillsborough 2 plans. Could turn into something really interesting albeit on a much smaller scale than Container Park.

If you are talking about what looks to be a container in between the two buildings, that is a stormwater mechanism that goes underground.

As far the building’s design, I don’t expect infill (or anything less than 12-15 stories) to be that exciting design wise just yet. Gensler who is the architect has been know to crank out very exciting designs so its not for lack of trying.

@GregD Upper right corner of the plans show “container” 949 square feet.
It even lists it as the 2nd of 3 buildings on the property.

Adding onto @Drew’s comment an elevation at bottom of plan also looks a lot like a container design.

I think the proper treatment would be to just realign the intersection whenever Allen’s Automotive on the SW corner of the intersection is redeveloped. Or else just maybe leave it like it is. Roundabouts take up a lot of space and are less ped friendly than standard crosswalks.


Got the project up on the blog.

I actually think it looks pretty good. Great location and the courtyard between this and One Glenwood could be a good public space, maybe an active bookend for Glenwood South.

I do need to spend more time at Dram and Draught not only because I really like that bar but because the Esso Station has a lot of Raleigh character. It is something that’s uniquely Raleigh so losing it will be sad but worth it. We’re getting something more valuable rather than losing it over a short apartment building.

Who cares about the business. Its the building that matters.

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Really, this site can accept clean criticism about OUR CITY.

Two 10 story buildings in these prime spots in downtown are wasteful…IMHO
And yes, I know, if I want to build something tall then I should buy and build something tall…I just hate the way the Great Recession all but destroyed our original designs for this area including 400H…

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