Bring MLB To Raleigh

MLB Raleigh says it’s “announcing” something tomorrow.


I’m so excited this could be the catalyst to having our bid finalized!!! We need to have everything worked out early.

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The announcement is a partnership with Sports and Social (in Cary - Fenton) for a Home Run Derby Watch party event.

That said, the bid is being worked on, but you likely wont see any announcements on that front until MLB officially opens up their expansion committee and asks for bids.


Putting forward a package with i’s dotted and t’s crossed when the MLB is actually ready to evaluate makes a lot more sense than building a bunch of excitement early just to lose momentum before the expansion process happens.

Takes a lot of patience from everyone locally who wants to see this happen, but it feels like a much more strategic and professionally handled approach than we’ve seen in the past.


Yep by the time they announce expansion well have an easy ride and more organized. I really think we have it in the bag. With city and county support, we are just wondering how much the stadium will cost. Probably in the billions, i’m sure some of the money Dundon has received for PNC arena upgrades could go into the stadium. We have to count IQVIA in Durham and the 2 here we have 3 Fortune 500s enough to buy all the corporate seats, this bid has us ready.

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State joins UNC. 4 ACC teams in the College World Series, to go with 4 SEC teams.


As long as the bid is being worked on and and be ready for 2025-26 announcement were good. I hope government support still stands strong.