Bring MLB To Raleigh

Oh man, the internet would have a field day with that one.


“The Raleigh Woodies”

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Layin’ the Wood to deep left center… :joy:


Hopefully we’d get a good pitcher like Pierce Johnson or Dick Lovelady


Ball Park Corporate naming sponsor - Viagara.

“It’s TWO BALLS for the Raleigh Woodies”
:baseball: :baseball:


“The inning ends with the Woodies striking out with a runner on second base”

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When the Woodies’ opponent strikes out, I want to hear the crowd all yell, “BLUE BALLS!!”

It’ll be our thing.



the woodies ‘fell short’ tonight?

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That’s not really a faithful summary of what Goodmon said, though. He simply noted that the team is powerless to block an MLB team moving to Raleigh.

“In our agreement, all the minor league teams, if Major League Baseball puts in a team then MLB will help you move and you get compensation for it,” he said…

If Raleigh were to land a major league franchise, the Bulls would not necessarily move … Goodmon said there are some in baseball who think being in the shadow of the majors would not affect Triple-A attendance.

“Now that’s a stretch,” he said. “But when you look at the significant difference in cost it might not be.”

So the Bulls would “not necessarily” move if MLB came to Raleigh, but Goodmon mentions it as a possibility. He’s skeptical of the idea that an MLB team in Raleigh wouldn’t negatively affect Triple-A attendance in Durham, but it “might not.” In other words, if it ever does come to pass we’ll just have to wait and see how it might affect the Bulls. The article itself is a little odd: no context for Goodmon’s comments is offered, and the ostensible lede is a fact that’s been well-known for years, so it’s unclear why this became a news story now.

If Raleigh got an MLB team it would be amazing to make the Bulls their AAA affiliate. I’m not sure I can think of any other teams structured like that with the AAA team so close


It’s no brainer, we could have double the action a profesional game and a game for people being groomed for the big league.

The Braves, right?



Saint Paul is the AAA Team for The Twins & their stadiums are 13 miles from each other.


Seattle’s AAA affiliate is about 35 miles away in Tacoma.


It’s not an issue at all.

In an ideal world, what would everyone like Raleigh’s minor league affiliates to be? There’d probably be new or promoted minor leagues teams to go with expansion, but for now I’m thinking:

Carolina/Wilson Mudcats (Single-A)
Greensboro Grasshoppers (High-A)
Tennessee Smokies (Double-A)
Durham Bulls (Triple-A)


I think the Mudcats take a new name in Wilson. Given whats adjacent, Whirligigs seems appropriate.

Any expansion in AA would probably be in the Texas League to get the Giants/Rockies AA teams on the right side of the Mississippi. This would free up Richmond and Hartford in the Eastern League and Richmond would probably try to get one of the two new AAA teams as the Nats have wanted their affiliate ideally there.

Given the links between the two cities, a Raleigh/Yard Goats partnership would be beneficial.

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I like the Mudcats branding and I hope they don’t change it. Have you heard anything about a new name, or are you just speculating?

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North Carolina became the first Triangle school to punch a ticket to the College World Series in Omaha and NC State is only a win away from making it as well!

It has been an unbelievably strong postseason showing from the two schools (and the broader region, to be honest).

The college baseball regionals and super regionals have been a blast to watch.