Budacai Boba Bar in Skyhouse

First in NC? Really? Either way, I’ll try it. This is in the old Provenance space in Skyhouse.

There is a quickly in Chapel Hill.

Forgive me for being out of the loop, but what even is “boba”?

Boba tea, with the little tapioca balls.

Doesn’t the place at the corner of Fayetteville and Davie, Tama Tea, have this?

There is also a place in the Morgan Street food hall that has it. My wife got some this weekend when we went to check out MSFH, The Dillion, and RUS for the first time.

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The boba place in Morgan Street Food Hall is horrible.

If you’re ever out in Cary - go get bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea


And a bubble tea place across from Cup a Joe. I honestly don’t get it…I had one once…what was I supposed to be wowed by exactly?

Mark my words, the next big hit will be Vietnamese Egg Coffee. Had some while in Hanoi and it’s soooo good. Egg yolk whipped for 10 minutes with sweetened condensed milk with strong Vietnamese espresso. Wish I could get it elsewhere in Vietnam.

The best way I can describe it as ‘creme brulee coffee’.


Some mixed drinks have egg whites in them for that exact reason.

That sounds disgusting.

But it probably tastes delicious

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Oh, I’m all in on that!!! I love creme brulee and I love coffee. I’ll drink one with a creme brulee donut from Rise.

I thought so too, but went for one one night and it just tastes creamy and gives it a smooth texture. No egg taste at all.

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Everyone typically pours the hormonal fatty excretion from a large herd mammal into their coffee. An egg yolk is 58% fat, so I see this as a unique take on what we already do to coffee. Sounds good.


I like my coffee black :stuck_out_tongue:


Given this was created due to a lack of fresh milk in Hanoi during a shortage in the 1950’s that’s the same thinking that invented this concoction.

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With all the keto diet variations out there this could work also as a high fat/protein filler drink/meal. Only issue is the super sweet condensed milk typically served with Vietnamese coffee. I loved Vietnamese coffee it while I was motorcycling in Vietnam! Cuisine there is one of the best in my opinion