Cameron Village Underground resurected?

It looks like the Cameron Village Underground may be resurrected after all!

"Smedes York, president of Cameron Village owner York Properties, confirmed that a new, yet-to-be-named jazz club is in the works.

“We do have a plan we’re working on very hard to put in one nightspot,” York said in an interview. “It would utilize the tunnel, for a jazz club.”


The underground has always made sense since it provides a location that many residents can walk to, yet it won’t disturb the peace of the surroundings. The shopping center is largely closed at that time, and there’s parking for those who don’t drink and drive.


Fantastic news! A growing city needs more music venues!


I went to an event at the Cameron Village Library about the history of the Underground, and it was really neat to hear about all of the history that was just beneath us. It would be so amazing if a new music venue, or even a whole district of them, opened again down there.

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I know I am underage but I took a tour a few months ago of Cameron underground and they are planning to reopen in 2020 or 2021. It was originally used for nightclubs and arcades but was closed in the 90s. They are revitalizing the original entrance and creating a new subway house I believe in front of the massive grocery store (I believe it’s a fresh market?).


Went to the Bear’s Den a few times in the early 80’s. That underground concept had a weird feel to it.

I think it closed long before the 90s. My mom used to talk about it from the ‘70s and I have no memory of it growing up in the 80s.

It was open from 1972-1984 according to Wikipedia. The Village Subway - Wikipedia

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Sounds about right timing, I remember buying a stereo system from a store there in early 70’s and Underground closed shortly before I left Raleigh are in 1885.

I think reopening this would be incredibly cool for Raleigh. Either something bold that could be a draw for the entire metro, or even just a causal thing that would be more of the neighborhood draw and just a quirky a little thing.


It was a fun place, with 2-3 night clubs, low ceilings with the exposed plumbing painted black, which served the stores above & lots of smoke, of all kinds. Beer only, I think. There were photos at the Raleigh City Museum of Fabulous Knobs from around 1980; about a month back.