Can We Talk About North Hills

With the Cardinal plans unveiled (huge 18 story tower… Kinda Ugly tbh) and the 20 and 32 story towers going up, as well as Phase 2 starting to be cleared, the rumored JC Penny tower, the neighboring Dewitt Project (no plan has been announced yet), and the rumored First Citizens Bank tower and mixed use project, this area is growing rapidly.

With office spaced leased at something like 97% in the area, it would not be surprising to see more towers built sooner rather than later in NHs. While their density will not reach the DT Raleigh level this area is going to become increasingly important for DT Raleighs growth. Kane also seems to want to connect North Hills to DT Raleigh.

What do you all think NH will look like in 5 years? 10 years? I am strongly reminded of a better Tysons in Virginia.


Edit: Interestingly, this building seems to have no parking requirements? Is that because it is a retirement community?


I’m not allowing in-depth analysis on North Hills but rather context and comparisons to downtown. I know it’s a gray area but let’s keep things pointing towards downtown.