City building lighting in honor for famous people

I just tweeted to the mayor and council to lit there lights Purple and Gold. It would be respectful if all buildings in Raleigh did it in honor of Kobe Bryant to show Raleigh support for Los Angeles, and the Bryants


It’s a nice thought I guess, but why? Death is tragic of course and no disrespect to any of the people that died, but 20 people die in Wake county every day. Did Kobe Bryant have any connection to this area? He didn’t do any philanthropy here as far as I’m aware, and just being very good at a sport, no matter how rich or famous it made him, doesn’t really meet the criteria for this sort of thing.


Agreed - It would make sense if he had some ties to the area.


Kobe was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. Does that count?

I think it is a great idea. There is no doubt that every basketball player in this area and around the world grew up looking up to him. He impacted every player on NC State, UNC, and Duke’s rosters right now. Changed the game of basketball, taught the value of work ethic on and off the court to all young players through his example. Has said he would have played at Duke if he didn’t go from HS to NBA. Played for Coach K on the Olympic team in 2008 & 2012.

The basketball rivalries here are important to many. I think that is connection enough to warrant it, but just my two cents…

You gonna ‘cancel-culture’ a dead man who did so many great things for his community ? He screwed up a few times. We all do. And PS. He was accused of rape, never charged FWIW.

I’m not even a Kobe guy and I don’t think we should light up building for him, but damn.

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This rape incident was proven false. Please stop using this to tarnish his life and great accomplishments.

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