City Gateway - Mira Apartments and more (Gateway Southeast)


Someone remind me - are any of the ground floor spaces going to be leasable retail space?

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Unless it’s a little coffee shop for the residents, I feel like anything here would fail. I can barely find the entrance to this project, and I’ve lived in Raleigh for 15 years…


I doubt anything would survive there. Looks depressing. Better than previous use I suppose.


I do agree actually hahahaha

But indeed this is true!


Damn, what a cool looking city and all those cranes :building_construction: :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Never noticed that one weird cantilevered bumpout on the south side before…Wonder why this donut had a blowout? Overproofed ?


So I get that tall building worship is the unofficial religion of this community, but at risk of blasphemy, this is not a bad project. I mean I like a tall building as much as the next guy but, um, height isn’t everything. Mira is 288 units on a 2.5 acre lot. That new tower in Durham everyone is jealous of? Less than 200 units (on a slightly smaller lot). Tall buildings often have tapering or setbacks or plaza areas depending on codes, so there are tradeoffs. Sure, tall buildings do a lot for the city’s image, iconic skyline pics, better views, etc, but if the overriding goal is to get more people living in the downtown core, Mira is just fine. Good massing and efficient site use. Same goes for a lot of new and proposed developments


I want everything and I want it all now! :wink::blush:

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I also think that while on paper it’s a pretty typical 5 over 1 building, its position on the hill gives it a big boost to its prominence and apparent height, especially over MLK Drive.

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Leasing for May, June, July. Saw banners on the building this morning.


Is this yet another project that started after 615 Peace that’s beating it to occupancy?



Found this master plan online that aligns pretty closely from the rezoning info that came out last year.

Lot 4 is supposed to be a new 2-3 story building for Exploris school.
Lots 2, 3, 5, and 7 were rezoned to allow up to 40 floors and to be 2 residential buildings, 1 hotel, and 1 office building that was potentially shifting to residential instead. Wonder what the plans are now or if anything is close to starting up now that Mira is close to wrapping up.


There’s a lot of land across the bridge, surprisingly. Was the connecting street to MLKJr Blvd approved as well?

I believe it was. They were working out street frontage on MLK and S Saunders for lot 7 at the last hearing I watched, which was many months ago.

Wait didn’t someone say that Exploris may be 7 stories and have a grocery store and affordable housing included? I can’t find the comment but someone mentioned it in another thread?

That’s referring to the 600 New Bern lot where exploris elementary is currently. It’s a temporary location they’ve been at for about 10 years😂. They’re also not mentioning a move to incoming kindergarten families, so we’ll see what happens and how long it takes.