City of Raleigh Fountain

How about a fountain shaped like a giant Oak tree placed in the open lot formed where Edenton and Hillsborough merge? Whaddya think? Would compliment all the new development going on in that area


I mean, I’m pretty excited about the potential dog park bar there but that works too.

You got CityPlat’d, they already axed that project /:


I was wondering whatever happened to that.

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What about a collaboration with an artist to put a waterfall off the side of one of the new builds into a fountain below?


That doesn’t say “Raleigh” or “City of Oaks” Trying to rep the City

Here is a nice looking waterfall at a park in Houston. Something like this would be nice. Not sure where though. Perhaps at Dix Park?


Looks like an eyesore and a massive waste of water/public money to me!

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The Transco Tower grounds! One of my favorite buildings in the world. Slightly diminished in terms of impact by the district around it growing up, but what a statement when it was built.


@oakcityyimby Yes, exactly! I used to work in a building across the street from that park (the building just to the right of the tower). To put a fountain like that in Dix Park would be grand. What do you think?


I’d love it. Continuing to give Dix more focal points and placemaking opportunities (while leaving the huge lovely greenspaces) is a great idea. And fountains sound nice and are cool on hot days.


I do wish that the space there between Hillsborough and Edenton could be better utilized. Seems like the perfect shape and location for a nice tree-covered urban plaza (with a fountain!)

I say route 2-way traffic onto Edenton and make that little pocket the start of a Hillsborough St. pedestrian mall :no_entry:

Remove that ridiculous post modern temple from the foreground and I can get on board with something like that.

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