City of Raleigh Municipal Campus



17 stories will still looks good if it’s a broken tooth in the skyline it’s the result of more eye candy for us photographers who like taking pic of the city.


May 16, 2024

Image shows earth drill that is part of the shoring processes for the Civic Tower project

Let’s talk about soldier piles and lagging walls

If you have seen the construction site in the last week, you probably have seen the large crane and drills onsite. This equipment will be used to set the soldier piles and lagging walls, basically the shoring structures I referenced in past updates. These shoring structures are designed to limit the horizontal movement of soil during the excavation process. So, what are soldier piles and lagging walls? Soldier piles are usually steel h-shaped beams driven vertically into the ground. These beams are spaced in a straight line about 6 to 10 feet apart, and then horizontal wood or concrete is placed between the soldier piles, called lagging walls. The walls transfer the horizontal pressure to the soldier piles, creating a safe excavation area.


Gravel parking lot sign anchors?