City of Raleigh Municipal Campus

Not a fan…definitely not a great street level presence. Maybe the city could add a temporary “Welcome to DT Raleigh” mural to that blank wall


See there it is… the building evokes the humble past of Raleigh, and for some that want to forget that past, it must go. I think that’s an important part of Raleigh’s story though and some of it should be kept so we can look back and appreciate the improvement.

The police HQ was a much worse building and I’m not sad to see it get replaced. Crowder really liked that one and offered similar futile arguments for it that fell on deaf ears. If it didn’t have surface parking around it in a different context I could see where he’s coming from. But… that building’s style is not rare. There’s plenty of that at NCSU and better examples of it. City Hall is more unique and has more value. I think I’m ahead of the curve and other people will see it 2 decades after it’s gone.

I would settle for a replacement that is the exact same thing but 25 floors though, as height is my only issue with it.


There are so many actual historic buildings Raleigh should keep … SHOULD’VE kept (Berkeley, Goodnights building, the gorgeous 12-story 1914 Security National Bank building where the current UGLY ASS First Citizens Bank (4-story) building is.

This P.O.S. is just not one of them, sorry.

BONUS: Commercial National Bank where PNC Tower currently stands


You missed the most relevant one to the thread - the original auditorium/city hall


Commerce National, then later 1st Citizens, was such a great building. It was where the PNC tower is today.


Hold up, you’re right - there was another equally beautiful tower where FC bank building stands today

EDIT: Found it- not sure what this one was called though:


Actually looks like the Avery Upchurch Munipal Complex (“City Hall”) dates only to 1984 when it replaced a nine story Renaissance revival hotel. If it was actually mid-century it probably would have been better. 80s architecture is some of the worst.


June 7, 2024

Civic tower rendering

Groundbreaking Celebration Tuesday, June 11

We’re having a groundbreaking celebration! Join us at Nash Square on June 11 at 9:30 a.m. This event is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind the buildings design, hear from our City leaders on what this building will mean to City staff and the public, and even learn a little bit more about the construction process.


street level on this one is a bit harsh…but I agree on quiet nooks and hyper engagement.

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i think this was from '07…i thought they worked ok at the time, scale wise.

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maybe 07 or 08 at city market…some engagement but not really noisy at all.


Why are there so empty spaces on Parham Street in City Market. The corner space once housed two great experience restaurants- Black Dog and then a Piano Bar after Black Dog closed, same for the corner of S Blount and E Martin empty. Perhaps reconstruction of Moore Sq & Covid aftermath planted a perception. The main hall, event space - was lively.
Seems demand is there. Ate at Vic’s last night - fun, busy night.


That event space in the middle is just such a black hole. There’s no singular draw besides Big Ed’s.


The event space should be a facility, such as a restaurant, which is open to the public during the day and evening. It truly is a black hole and is the largest building in City Market. As a place that is open to the public I feel is key to bringing in more foot traffic.


It’s fascinating to watch them work. It feels like being a kid in the sandbox!


Updated ground level renders from Ratio design team.


Would be nice to see a restaurant or some other retail space at the corner, but the general interaction at the pedestrian level should be substantially better than what had been there. Hopefully it spurs some activity at the N&O block…Nash Square seems incredibly under-utilized given its location but it’s been surrounded by some pretty dead blocks.


So, I’m confused. With an ‘East Civic Tower’ designation, then another cardinal point is seemingly implied.

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It’s on the east side of the block. The west side is supposed to get some other city building one day, so presumably that would be the west building.