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Quiet honestly, I don’t like all the Commissions in Raleigh, and honestly it was a good idea to remove the CACs. While now we’re in a COVID-19 Crisis we are gonna open up at sometime. And I think some Commissions should be also replaced and folded. From the research I’ve don’t it looks like all major cities planning commissions. Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, New York. But the appearance Commission in my opinion needs to go. From the research I did on that not many if any cities do this. All I found were small North Carolina towns like Blowing Rock, and Moorhead City, Asheville, etc. Those small towns and cities with less than 100k people. So I think the appearance Commission should it slow towards building development, and I know for sure if Raleigh gets another Fortune 500 headquarters Downtown they waste time they need a building, they can waste how the building is gonna look in appearance. Now look before you blast or interrupt me or the NIMBY comes out of you for some fake YIMBYs on this page. I grew in Raleigh I was born and raised and I’ve wanted this city to be a big city (preferably Austin in my preference) with its own identify and when got interested into city government I was disgusted by the city restrictionimplied the black mayor years ago that was met to hold the city back. So before you say I don’t know anything Consider the Following.

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