Community Improvement Districts (CIDs, BIDs and SSAs)

I think this topic could go rather deep and covers a good range of topics like the overlay tax and mixed use developments currently in play. Perhaps the multitude of developers interested in DTR be they local or out of town could consider a model like what Atlanta adopted in the late 80s around CIDs. Check out the article below. I’m curious what the Community thinks of this as an opportunity to gain more traction and control over the needs of DTR though the concept could certainly be applied to areas OTB.

Something I have often been confused about is where Raleigh “plans” to grow. Some of our city councilors refer to the future land use plans and say we have a plan. But, the growth nodes don’t seem to be where people want to build, and you can never hear a simple “A, B, and C are where we want to grow”. The jaded part of me thinks the real plan it to zone everything anyone cares about to just what it is today then force builders to come for rezoning. So just general control of builders is more the goal. Here is the future land use map.