Current status of 301H, 400H, Edison tower


I saw this also but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Too late tho! Lol


301H, 400H, and the Edison Tower are all perfect locations for Pendo. And we’re seeing movement on all 3 sites. Up in the air still.


We are seeing movement on all of the Sites because the Amazon/Apple stuff is over.

The reality is, if Amazon had decided to move here, all of these site would have asked for rezoning to Dx-40 and redone all of their buildings to fit the massive Amazon usage requirements.


don’t want to get off topic, but, huh? these three are not exactly the campus concept amazon was looking for. don’t remember seeing these as proposed amazon sites.


They wanted a Downtown “Campus” with 8 Million sqft requirement they were going to need every piece of available real-estate. If Amazon did not move into one of the buildings, other businesses would, because they needed to be close to Amazon.


Amazon is several times richer than the city of Raleigh. If they’re able to basically take over most of a district in Seattle they wouldn’t have an issue taking over large sections of DTR without breaking a sweat or the bank. But obviously Raleigh was never a real contender since the beginning of the HQ2 process.


After the demo it’ll be easier to imagine the mansions that used to be there. The one listed here and starting with “This Queen Anne Fantasy…” sat where the stone building is currently. Its outline is easily seen on page 12 of the 1914 Sanborn maps.


Their Site , SR-9-17 was approved last year . Will be a while before building permits .


301H Administrative Site Review showing that the building/s will be 970,773 square feet.


Is the amount of sq ft the same as it was?


Holy cow i don’t remember it being that large!


:joy: :rofl:

Ha! Ha! I needed that…lol
But seriously, over 900,000 ft?
That really sounds like April fools day, not Valentines Day???


Yeah I truly don’t remember the square footage from before but I guess it must have been the same since it doesn’t look like anything changed with the project! But my goodness almost 1 million sqft for one project! That’s awesome for downtown.


Interesting. Original submittal for 301 Hillsborough from Lundy had 1,121,576 sf.


And 400H site review submittal had 540,867 sf.


Oh… :frowning: …well that dampend my excitement some lol


For reference, ATT just renewed their space in Nashville’s ‘tallest’, the ("Batman ") tower. They currently occupy 9 floors for 750 employees there. That tower has ~650,000 sf.

The BB&T tower (Two Hannover Square) has 434,000 sf.

900,000+ sf would be a heck of a tower for Raleigh!


In each of your examples, you reference “a single” building.
And unless the developer really changes the design, were talking more of an office complex and not a single building. I say this in trying to keep MY expectations down to reality and HOPE for more! :upside_down_face::grin:


It will be a really fat 20 story building for sure.


Exactly guys.

The footprint is large. It’ll be 250ft tall but be wide. Think Red Hat tower. Also we can’t forget it’s not all office. Residential and hotel is included