Demolition Permits

I want to see if I can crowd source this. Does anyone know how to find demolition permits being issued in Raleigh online? I’m going to start looking I to this so I can add them to our Wire Service.

Anyone know before I drive into it?


Go to the “Permit and Development Portal” on the city’s site:

and search Public Records for demolition. I think this will give you what you need.


Looks like if you change the type to non-resi it’ll filter out a lot of the permits.

Type: Non-Residential Demolition Permit

The filter options are horrible. You may need to pull the full list and parse it from there. Above my pay grade. :joy:

Looks like this data is available on Raleigh Open Data:


This is what I’m talking about. Looks like I can filter based on Work Class: Demolish

Now I just need to filter on the downtown and adjacent areas.