Development at W Cabarrus and S Harrington


Neighbors within 500 feet of properties south and west of the intersection of W Cabarrus and S Harrington received a notice of a rezoning request for the following parcels from DX-5-UL (downtown mixed use up to 5 stories) to DX-12-UL-CU (downtown mixed use up to 12 stories with conditional use district):

505 S West
401 W Cabarrus
510 S Harrington

These parcels make up about .61 acres just north of the Fairweather.

Fairweather condos on S. Harrington

I was just going to post about this. :grin: This space is currently occupied by the women’s shelter.
If it’s going to be apartments, I hope they sound proof the heck out of it as it’s sitting right on the railroad tracks.


Interestingly enough, the banner image on the Light forum theme appears to be taken from this location. Assuming this has a residential component, the units on this corner would have an unbeatable view!


Maybe once they close that crossing they won’t have to blow the horn. I can hear it ~6 blocks away but I’m used to it now


Perhaps for a short while, but I’m sure the property in the foreground of the banner image will eventually be developed with a building at least as tall as the one that ends up here.


They’ll still have the horns from pulling into and leaving the station along with the crossing at Hargett but one less crossing to blow it at will be welcome. Although I’m going to hate losing that crossing… I hope they at least find a way to keep it open to pedestrians.


A neighborhood meeting was held Monday night to discuss the rezoning request for this property. This is the same developer as the Fairweather, and the purchase of the property is contingent on rezoning. The proposed development is a boutique hotel, condos, and street-level retail/mixed use.


Do they plan to go all the way up to 12 floors per the proposed re-zoning?


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Is this for the S Saunders project ?


ahh, yes. Wrong thread. I will have to rename these threads to be more clear.


It’s my understanding they want 12 floors approved to close on the property. Apparently their plan isn’t financially viable on a property that size without 12 floors.