Dewitt Carolinas Condos in Five Points

Finally more condos “downtown”! Not downtown core, but around the corner from Neuse River and Nickelpoint brewing! Says construction starting in August.


Sorry, I didn’t catch any parkour or yoga on the sidewalk in this rendering:

TBJ Article


A pedestrian bridge from N Blount St to here would be awesome.


Sadly, mid 500s actually seems cheap for this area.


Why is this price point “sad”?

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Just because I read the article and thought “wow that’s cheap” and then realized me thinking mid 500s being cheap was sad. Honestly, I would have thought they’d be more.


Ok what am I missing. These look like houses. Why are they being called condos??? :thinking:

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It appears that each “house” is a building of condos.

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Similar to two such buildings in Boylan Heights near me. They look like really large homes but there are actually a few condos in each.


Even if they’re pricey, I’ll always welcome more density in these residential areas.


I know this is pushing out of the bounds of “downtown” but I just discovered this bizarre proposal for a 2 story, prefab steel construction, mixed-use unit consisting of a pet grooming business and 3 1 bedroom apartments being built over by Neuse River / Larry’s Coffee.


When I looked through all of the buildings ITB in Imaps I remember seeing that the Larrys Coffee Building had a strange designation as PreFab. So maybe they already have the zoning for this and it was the most creative way to add space without a zoning change? Just a guess

Maybe they’re just trying to fit in to the neighborhood?

It’s being handled by ReDesign, who has some pretty interesting work.

I toured these last week. Nice but pricey.

Is there a website for them?
Never mind…found it.

Yep. 32 to be built. 12 under construction. 1 under contract.

Looked at all the plans and I like the smallest one (Spur) the best. It also has its rooms not facing other buildings.

The Spur will be the last ones built. Only two of them I think.

Yep, and they seem to also be nearest to the train tracks.

Looks like they will be half the average price of a new homes built in 5 points last year. But, yes still more than I would spend.

Does anyone know how sales of these units are going?

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