Dorothea Dix Park


It was just a thought. I don’t have details on how it would work. And it may not be feasible for any number of reasons.

I do know that if they’re not re-used they’re likely to end up in a landfill along with god knows how many cubic yards of other construction debris from the demolition of many other large buildings on the site.

The landfills currently at Dix were pointed out on the tour. Who knew these would be issues for the current park planning when they were were originally filled? Makes one reconsider our use of land fills and their impact on future generations.



Haha!! Yes! We had just finished running the Krispy Kreme Challenge.



Oh, this is the first time I heard of that… I’m really surprised this isn’t the go-to response to shoot down the anti-Dix people’s complaints.



Not sure if anyone else was at the Dix community meeting this evening at the convention center but it was very well put on. They even pumped and smells like pine and water and cut grass, etc to smell like a park. I have lots of pictures of renderings and pictures but not sure if the group wants all of them posted. Here are a few.



Yeah, we were there. You even got our picture. My wife is in green behind Kate Pearce on the right edge of the photo. I’m standing next to my wife. Told you guys I’m not spring chicken.

The pine smell was cool. I’m already fairly familiar with the master plan so there wasn’t much in the way of new info. But we got our free t-shirts, which is the most important thing.



NC State just announced that it’s childcare facility located at Dix Park will be closing as of June 30, 2019 “as a result of Raleigh’s ongoing development of Dorothea Dix Park.”



Now they’ll have free range kids running around the park! :joy:



WRAL reports that City Council has approved the master plan!



“Significant work on the park could begin within a year now that it has been adopted by the Raleigh City Council.”
-I’ll take “pie in the sky” for 500
“The construction of Dix Park is a work in progress, the first phase of which could span 10 to 20 years”



Great news! I hope they also adopt an implementation plan and start construction asap!

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Now . . . if only there was some way to pay for the park? :thinking:



Has anyone else noticed or pointed out that the chain link fence along Lake Wheeler is gone? Last I remembered we were talking about covertly removing it, but voila…it is gone. Really makes a difference with it feeling like you are allowed to go run around in a park vs being kept out of an asylum.



Yes, and they’ve cleaned up some of the brush / small trees at the intersection of lake wheeler/saunders/Rocky branch along with brush along the flower field. Improvements are already in the works



The daffodils they planted are great. Lots of people were out this weekend enjoying the warm weather, flowers, and skyline view.



It seems that they’re clearing out invasive plant species across the campus. Glad to see this happening!



I discovered recently that Raleigh has volunteer opportunities to help control invasive species
I’m sure they could all the hands they could get.

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For those who can’t get their fill of controlling invasive species I’m offering opportunities to volunteer at my house.



I got to see them clearing the brush a few weeks back when I was on one of my morning runs. They have a really cool remote controlled tractor that looks like a little earth mover. If they let people play with that I’m sure there would be a ton of sign ups (and then a bunch of horrible injuries due to operator error… I’m sorry I even came up with this idea)



Waivers will be required to volunteer at my house.

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If you’ll certify my hours as bona fide volunteer hours for this 100 mile race I’m doing I’d be glad to help. If not, I’ll have to stick with the City…

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