Dorothea Dix Park


Hmm. Maybe close Capital Blvd and shoot them across our only water feature, Pigeon House Branch, from the Capital Blvd Bridge…? Everyone stopped on Capital will have front row streets…like an old fashioned drive-in. When they’re over, traffic resumes like normal.


I was downtown last night and it was completely dead. :frowning: For the past several years BNL has been part of what used to be “Raleigh Wide Open”, then later “The Works”. It was always packed and lively… cut to last night, and DTR was a ghost town. Way to kill a good thing Raleigh. IMO it would have still been a great festival/party even without the fireworks.


The whole triangle was nearly devoid of July 4th activities. There was very little to do yesterday unless you wanted to hike up to the Festival for the Eno in N. Durham. BNL not for me…


There’s nothing wrong with copying other cities. Would love to have a city name letter monument like almost every major city has and Dix Park is a perfect place to put it. Maybe be a little more creative and play off the All Are Welcome Raleigh, NC mural.

As a group of Raleigh development enthusiast maybe we should form a non-profit for small city enhancements such as small art installations around the city? We could esty some I Love Dix t-shirts with all profits going to help with Dix Park improvements or Make Raleigh Roar-leigh and buy a piece of undeveloped DTR land and make it a dog-park?

Just some thoughts.


NO!! That slogan is awful.


You guess which one.


Take It RAL-EIGHzy
(runs away)


Clever, I like that!!!


Does a dog roar?!!
Nice try


How about something that would incorporate Sir Walter Raleigh ?? Just a Hunch,?


A statue of Dorothea Dix would be nice


Good point. What has taken so ling to put up a statue of her, shouks have been decades ago, almost as if no local pride.
Not comparing, but put a few statues in front of other downtown locations. And what is it with this city she absolutely NO FOUNTAINS, just pathetic!!!
I hope amazon comes and turns downtown up side down with art, statues, stadiums, fountains, real plazas and 50-70 story buildings with 3 levels of retail!!!
Tired of old boring city council members and pathetic local developers!


This could obviously change, but Amazon is kind of notorious for how little it donates to these kinds of things. I’m sure the campus would be nice, but I definitely don’t expect a wholesale transformation of our civic facilities if they come here. One place I would expect them to be very active is the NCSU, UNC, Duke and even NCCU computer science departments.


A 50 foot Sir Walter with a giant Acorn on his shoulder in the style of the Atlas sculpture…?
Ooops, I read that as “on” not ‘of’.
However I will leave my idea up nonetheless. Yours is excellent btw.


I would also enjoy seeing statues of both SIr Walter and Dix…:grinning:


the Second Pic I can see Amazon doing something like this in Downtown Raleigh.


I wonder if the city is open to making an artificial hill or even a tower with an even better viewing angle of downtown. Or even a rock climbing tower.


I believe there is at least some effort to design an “observation tower” for Dix that would do just this! I read about it somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it…


Yes it’s been discussed quite a lot with the design team. Enough people have requested it that it’s being recommended by the designers.


Those photos/structures would be fantastic for Dix or Downtown Raleigh.
I have said this before, Raleigh is “center” of East Coast (Miami to NYC), fastest growing city, technology hub, major universities, heart of NC, and leader in many other catagories!!
Raleigh is the “true gateway” to both the North and the South!”
A “signature” structure for Raleigh that indicates we are the gateway to the North and to the South should be in downtown or in Dix Park: examples of signature structures you immediately know the city (Raleigh can build a signature structure so when you see the structure you know Raleigh is East Coast North to South Gateway) - St.Louis Arch, Seattle Space Needle, London’s Big Ben, Sydney Opera House, Toronto Tower, Empire State Building, etc.
Come on Raleigh, no other leading metro City is the center of the East Coast and a growing leader in so many areas, show your pride, build a signature structure in downtown that says “that is in Raleigh and it’s the gateway for the East Coast North and South!!!
Do it, do something over the top for once, have some pride in OUR CITY!!!
Share ideas: maybe one simple idea, a tall structure with a top that faces North and South with an opening representing North and South Gateway, a place where people connect to go North and South.