Dorothea Dix Park


I agree…I could see a structure going in front of the Duke Progress Energy Center for The Performing Arts complex? Not the “city block” that is currently used for parking. (Sale that to Red Hat for there new headquarters)
But that space literally right in front of the Duke Center…maybe something very, very tall but not too boxy at its base ( Eiffel Tower like/open) so that it won’t totally block the “whole” view as I still want and hope the city completes that view down Fayetteville street. :blush:


Since when are fireworks only for children? Silly comment.


Thanks for your feedback. :roll_eyes:


Here is what Dix has presently. Not very high but it’s a nice touch considering there was just grass and dirt there previously.


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Wow, that is a stunning photo!!


@ netposer

Very nice :+1: thank you!
Where exactly is this on the DIX campus?


Hi @DowntownRaleighGuy,

I think I’ve got this right. I believe the deck in photo was built behind this house which was recently renovated


Yes. It’s on the backside of that tiny house they just remodeled.


nice shot! I guess I thought this was an office and wasn’t open to the public. The remodel looks great from the exterior.


Yeah its just above the cemetery…and currently, the sunflowers as well.


It’s an information center and they have a large conference room with a big table.


Thank you, Leo. That person’s posts had been getting on my nerves. Love the enthusiasm, hate the constant negativity. We should be using this space to talk about proactive solutions to improve DTR rather than complaining 24/7.


Iconic Oak -Shaped viewing tower with sky bridges? Similar to Singapore’s Supertrees?

I will definitely help fund such a project if we can get such a project off the ground.

I’m guessing it would cost a few millions but it could help draw tourism into the city since we currently lack any city icons that non-locals would appreciate.



I really like these…especially the organic shape.

Question. Do all other cities look to other cities for ideas as much as Raleigh seems too?


Yes. I’ll gouge my eyes out if I see another giant ferris wheel. Literally every major city has one now.


Do all other cities look to other cities for ideas as much as Raleigh seems too?

I think it’s similar to how people act. There are people/cities that can stand on its own, and then there’s people/cities that try to be copycats but just aren’t original or have anything to offer.

Albuquerque, Cincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Rochester,… those places all have good economic activity and local businesses (and maybe even transit or public works), but it’s hard to feel like they have a unique cultural value to offer in the same way as San Diego, Nashville, Miami, or New Orleans.

We’re definitely not the only place that only looks up to other cities for validation -but we honestly don’t need to be.


Wait…no local cultural value in those places? Cincinnati and Over The Rhine…largest intact post civil war/Italianate historic district in the country. Most breweries per capita in that period and evident today. Minneapolis, best bike infrastructure in the US hands down (sorry Bend). Rochester has it’s own great falls smack in downtown and of course, Genesee! Excellent example of a great lakes city. I’ll be in Albuquerque in November and will let you know what you overlooked when I get back. Maybe by culture you mean ethnic culture? I see unique traits that set places apart sooner than feeling like I set foot in another country.


I think you have this backwards.


Haven’t been to those other cities, but I’ve been to Cincy a lot and I agree, they have a very strong local culture, not to mention one of the best riverfront parks and most scenic baseball stadiums I’ve ever seen.