Dorothea Dix Park


Thanks for putting that so clearly so even dumb-dumb’s like me can understand. My point about NY or LA was basically to point out the benefits of scale, admittedly not totally applicable to Raleigh.

I would also be talking out of my butt if I spoke about live music, lol. I’m definitely more of a live theater kinda guy (heck I’m going to Broadway for my bachelor party in two weeks). I’m totally on board with expanding any and all cultural facilities.


I apologize, I didn’t mean to patronize in any way. I do get enthusiastic about the live music scene, which prompts my opinion of local culture in Raleigh. Both Wilmington and Asheville have a much more robust and coherent scene. I’m hopeful that with growth will come more venues and support and musicians.

How do you feel about the theater scene here? From what I hear it seems good.


Ah, no worries, I didn’t meant it that way. I was actually poking fun at myself because a lot of what you said was pretty obvious in retrospect (especially about places like Athens having strong music scenes).

Generally I think the theater scene is actually quite good for a town this size, but DPAC definitely steals a bit of thunder. I’m perfectly fine with that. I personally would love to see a few more small theaters (or venues, actually, for music, slam poetry, comedy, whatever really) crop up near Memorial Theater.


I think Raleigh Arts are better than we’re giving credit. For theater we have NC Theater, Theatre Raleigh, Raleigh Little Theater, Theater in the Park , Burning Coal plus some outstanding high school and college shows. The NC Opera has been upping their game for the past several years and continues to increase the number of performances. The Carolina Ballet is one of the best ballets for a city our size. The NC Museum of Art and CAM and the Gregg are excellent museums. The visual arts community is booming with Anchorlight and Artspace along with countless local artist studios and public mural projects. The music isn’t as bad as you’re saying either with Kings, Lincoln, Pour House, C Grace, Empress Room and others along with Hopscotch, Bluegrass Festival and J Cole Festival. I think Raleigh performs as well as any in the arts and our city council and mayor are committed to promoting the arts even more in the future.


I think that you just did a better job at promoting the availability of arts in the city than the actual city does… thank you! :blush:


As a gigging musician, I disagree on the music but everything else sounds good. Hopscotch is a joke of a music festival… The scene isn’t bad, just not nearly as vibrant as it should be


Maybe this should get back to Dix Park talk?


Yes. To somewhat bring it full circle, Dix will include performance art spaces and visual galleries/installments. However it is being guided by the community, so if you have an affinity for the arts and want to make sure Dix master plan reflects Raleigh’s creative side, share your ideas on the Dix forum which is monitored by the city and landscape/park architect.


Raleigh’s parks and greenways seem to have the potential to being a part of our culture, Dix being the mother of them all. Imagine all the parks linked with beautiful greenways working their way around the city but Dix being the heart of the network.

I’d like to see that become our culture. We just need to make it accessible to all so that it becomes a thing you do when in Raleigh.


A City in a forest, with expansive parks, with few billboards. We can grow from here. Our topography and vegetative mix is our goose laying golden eggs (Keep DOT & their tree killing at bay- I-40).


with rooftop views! We may not have much of a skyline but we have a tree canopy that is so expansive. I bet there’s some golden views up there, we don’t even know about. :grinning:


Since Raleigh is the “City of Oaks”, why not build an awesome tree house in in the canopy at Dix Park? There are some really awesome tree house cabins etc, that are really popular as travel destinations. Why not capitalize on something we already have in abundance? :slight_smile: Just google “luxury tree houses”


I’m working on a project with some out of town consultants, and they tell me that driving on I-40 you wouldn’t even know you’re in a major metro area except for that one break of the trees near Saunders St. where you can see the skyline. I thought it was weird at first (and from the Northeast I’m a sucker for the gritty look) but the longer I’m here the more I think it plays to that “city in a forest” type of feel. And I absolutely agree that the greenway network might be our biggest draw when all is said and done.


This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say something negative about Hopscotch, and I’m a big music buff… In my circles (both festival attendees and bands who’ve played it), it’s gotten glowing reviews from everyone! What don’t you like about it, just out of curiosity?


This is an outstanding idea. A++


This should be a private message I suppose, but my list of grievances for hopscotch:

  1. $200 for a general admission wristband that gets you in all venues with limited capacity on a first come first serve, one in one out basis. Basically, you might not be able to see your favorite band unless you camp out and wait for them, missing other events at other venues (that you paid for)

  2. this is just preference, but it’s way too hipster/alternative for me. The focus of the booking seems to be more about how bizarre the aura around a band is and very little to do with talent.

  3. local support: they pull small alternative bands from all around the country but don’t give much support to local bands, unless the local band fits that avant garde 80’s lo-fi synth pop punk hipster vibe. It seems the local rock n roll, soul, jam, jazz fusion, americana, southern/country bands don’t make the cut.

It’s just an all around weird and overpriced experience for me. Although I haven’t been, Durham’s art of cool looks much more up my alley. And shakori is great but that’s a traditional camp out fest.


Just got back from Pullen Park with the family—first time since I was a kid. Wow, what a difference!

It got me thinking though, it’d be so cool to have a “Pullen Park East” across Ashe in that field between Morehead School and Western. (I’ve lived here for almost 40 years, and I’ve never seen it used for anything; were there ever any plans for it?)

My thought was something for older kids (and kids at heart)…like an old school pay-per-ride wooden roller coaster, food truck lot, etc. With that possible land bridge over to Dix, I think it would be a cool extension between Dix and Pullen.

And I’m not talking about something huge, but it’s kinda strange that we have a million+ people in the Triangle, but you have to drive to Charlotte or Virginia to ride a coaster!


I’ve always thought somewhere in southeast Wake county would be a good location for a theme park. Land is cheap(er) and it’s close to 95. I don’t know if theme parks are as profitable as they once were though.


Agreed. Was thinking more along the lines of a Pullen Park extension, something small that would fit into that field, but would have some attractions that were a little more grown up. But definitely not a full-on theme park.


Weren’t there some preliminary discussions about someone building an amusement park somewhere in JoCo several years ago? I believe the rationale for not pursuing it was that the Triangle was within 3 hours of Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Busch Gardens. IE too much competition too close to make it profitable, and the Triangle’s population wasn’t high enough to justify the investment. Not sure if anyone could find those old N&O articles online.

I am a roller coaster junkie and would LOVE some local coasters to ride. :slight_smile: Then again… If they were owned by the City Parks and Rec department… that would be a lot of liability and upkeep to take on, so I doubt it will ever happen unless it is privately owned.