Dorothea Dix Park


Yes, there was a proposed theme park/water park.
Would love a water park here, it can now be supported with the crazy growth of the Triangle, Eastern NC and South of us.
Went to Carowind’s once, it was dirty and bathrooms disgusting, never go back again.
Busch Gardens nice and Williamsburg.
Will go to Virgina before ever going to Carowinds.
Triangle needs a theme park and/or water park for kids entertainment and adults.


@Nickster same here, I’m a huge roller coaster fan…especially the old timey wooden ones. Don’t know why, but there’s something really nostalgic and cool about an old wooden coaster. Agreed though that maybe a city-run thing might not be a good idea. Maybe a public/private partnership would work, who knows.


Yep!! The wooden coasters are my favorites. Several small/medium cities (Roanoke, VA for example) had parks with roller coasters back in the early 1900s, but I believe alot of them have disappeared with time.


If you’re ever in Copenhagen, check out Tivoli Gardens. It’s basically what you’re wanting. It’s the second oldest amusement park in the world and only takes up a few city block but it’s an amazing little park with lots of old fashion rides. That is so possible in Raleigh. Put in somewhere between Pullen Park and downtown and it will be a hit.


Is that field between Morehead School and Western being used for anything? It’s been vacant for decades. Would be perfect for a Pullen Park extension as it’s directly across Ashe St. and also would “bridge” Pullen and Dix.


I’m pretty sure it’s part of the Morehead School property.


Move the Morehead School to some existing/renovated buildings on the Dix property, or elsewhere, and expand Pullen eastward through the entire property. Create safe crossing from the expanded park to Dix either overhead or under the blvd. This would make a much more effective central park that would be more accessible to Raleigh’s urban core.
Ultimately, it would be even better if Pullen could expand all the way through the Central Prison property.


I like that. A continuous park from Boylan Heights to NC State would be awesome.

#118 finally has a database of documents for reference. Here’s a link to the draft masterplan:


I walk along Lake Wheeler Rd near Tryon Rd…to the Farmers Market…and along Centennial Pkwy sometimes straight to DTR to catch the GoTriangle Bus to work. Everyday.


Okay, I’m jealous! :blush:
I would love to enjoy what must be an awesome trek…when you get the chance post a pic or two. Nothing like a personal point of view and perspective imho :sunglasses:


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Chance to hang out in the new train station and talk about Dix.

Fourth Public Community Meeting

What will Dix Park become in the future? Our fourth meeting will bring together all the ideas and suggestions from earlier meetings and showcase program options for the park. Join us on Thursday, October 4th at the new Union Station to learn more, engage with the design team, and provide feedback.


@dtraleigh Looks like there is already a thread for the Fuquay to DRT rail line… any chance we could move this convo over there and get back to Dix Park here?


The N&O ran an article about 5 days ago raising the possibility of a boutique hotel at Dix Park.:

Personally, I think this would be a great thing for the park, as it would not only provide a unique hotel for our city but also a source of income at the park.


I love this idea too!


Done. Sorry for the delayed response.


Interesting new park in Tulsa shows what is possible in public park design. I don’t necessarily think that we should do exactly this at Dix, but parts of it do look awesome.


Also designed by MVVA. It’s a bit too theme park-ish for my tastes, but they didn’t ask me.

The landing page on the park’s site has a nice video showing what a real-life land bridge looks like:

A former rail corridor is used to connect Riverparks east bank trail and Riverparks west bank trail. On the east side the trail wraps around the park boundary. There’s even a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas river to allow walking access to the park from both sides of the river - nice.

If only Dix park had a railroad running through it that could allow pedestrian access to the park and also connect to our existing greenway system.


This park and Dix have the same landscape architect :grin: