Downtown Art School

This could be a pretty unique add to our downtown culture.

JP Reuer, a local art and design educator and LEED-accredited architect, has a Raleigh vision that is both radical and visionary, yet of this moment. He is in the throes of creating Small School, a free, two-year graduate program based in cultural entrepreneurship which will grant a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in socially-engaged art.

So how soon? Reuer hopes to be ready to go by the fall of 2021, after receiving a license from the University of North Carolina system and appropriate accrediting agencies. Negotiations are underway for the site and ongoing discussions with investors and philanthropic foundations are focused on raising essential operating funds, which are virtually two-thirds lower than comparable graduate programs.


Interesting. Good luck to him. Looks like a cool program and certainly could be a good addition to Raleigh.


This is an amazing concept! I love the possibility of adding a unique art institution to downtown and redeveloping a parking lot in the process.

The one thing that gives me pause is the publishing date: :thinking:


Looks great and seems like something that would really add great activity to the immediate area and the whole city! That is a nice location, though I might argue an ideal location would be closer to CAM or Artspace (this is pretty close to Artspace).

Seems like a very difficult time to be fundraising for something like this. Best of luck to him.


How about the name, “Creative Citizen’s DTR Arts School”? :thinking:
Sounds a little more fun/interesting? Small School?

Cool. I went to the School (now College) of Design at State with him, and his father was one of my professors.


I love this idea, I hope this school actually opens and is successful