Downtown hotels

Cannot build a tunnel I don’t think because that is where the underground loading dock is as they enter it from the Red Hat Amphitheater…

I keep forgetting about Alexander Square. I hope that that deck is built in a way that someone could build on top of it.

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build a underground parking deck and then the Tower above it.


They do build underground parking in lot of cases in downtown Raleigh but that does not provide nearly enough parking spaces.

The Revisn hotel should open this summer. I’d be interested to know more about the extended-stay hotel market and I’m guessing this is the first of its kind in recent history that’s more traditional than renting a house or apartment.


I understand demolition permits were recently filed for The Willard Hotel in Glenwood South. Apparently the plan to incorporate condos (instead of additional hotel rooms) on the top two floors is still undecided.


The Hampton Inn will be facing stiff competition in Glenwood South, as ‘Glen on Peace’ will be coming to the corner of Boylan and Peace Street. That makes it the 4th new hotel project in the neighborhood, after the Origin, Revizn, and The Willard. If design plans and permitting take place on schedule, construction could begin by January, with completion in 2020.


the rendering above doesn’t show the planned rooftop?

That’s an old rendering. The approved building is four floors. This one is five.

The “Howard Johnson” coloring of Revisn (not apartment per UDO) Hotel is hideous.

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How long until the demo actually starts, do you think? I run by there every Monday and am excited for this project! I love the design of it, and the one in North Hills. It’s going to be the thing that really connects Glenwood South to the One Glenwood area.

True. To get approval from the City they had to drop a floor, but did end up adding the rooftop bar.

Don’t know the timing, but my guess would be for the demolition to begin in a few months.

That is one of the best-looking buildings I’ve seen proposed for Raleigh in awhile. Maybe a bit monotonous, but I really like it overall. I hope it gets built soon.

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You do realize that if they had built this at North Hills, it would be about 12 to 17 floors tall? :wink:

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luxury-high-rise-apartment-22 This is what a High Rise Hotel should look like, not a Motel. If folks are crying for more hotel rooms why build at only 10 floors high. 20 to 25 floors should be the max.


The CIAA may be moving their BB tourney from Charlotte but Raleigh isn’t being considered due to inadequate basketball facilities and limited hotel capacity …


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Interesting read here.

The visitors bureau considers walking distance as two blocks away or closer. Currently, Raleigh has three hotels that fit that criteria — Raleigh Marriott City Center, Residence Inn Downtown and Sheraton Raleigh — which total 928 rooms, according to Jessica Holt, spokeswoman for the bureau.

So here’s the RCC and two blocks.


You also have this quote:

Robbins also noted that the Midtown hotels do very well when conventions come to Raleigh because “of the shortage of rooms downtown” and the fact that “Midtown has concentrated retail and dining.”

North Hills may be leading on small and medium-sized meetings while downtown leads on bigger meetings but is challenged with booking even more of these because of the lack of a 400+ room hotel.