Downtown hotels


It’s the project start date. Basically saying that all the contracts have been awarded.


I don’t see where they ever got their site plan approval.


A lot of review comments. They may be starting demolition in January, but it will be a while for construction.


With public contracts, Award date (after review bids), execution date, start date (notice to proceed…part of the execution) and completion date (unmodified by change order) are all different dates. Not sure how the private sector does business with itself though…


Rooftop view from the new Revisn hotel. My work provides housing for 2-4 out of town interns throughout the year. They had been staying in Brier Creek as long as I’ve worked here but we’ve decided to move them to the Revisn hotel. Now instead of driving and parking downtown they will take the R-line to work!


That is so fantastic to hear!


Great Shot Will ! Thanks for sharing !


Yet they are claiming to not be “hotel”, since it was built in a non-hotel zone under false pretenses.


Maybe you missed the place where @Will said the interns stay there all year long. Even if they call it a hotel, if this is the sort of stays that they are handling, it isn’t actually a hotel. They could call it a Banana and it would still be corporate apartments.


Yes it is a hotel. They may make arrangements for long stays, but they also do short stays. It’s a full service, extended stay hotel. Call it what they want, but it’s not an apartment building.


What a great view, downtown looks pretty imposing (in a good way) from that vantage point.


Per the building code, if the stays are for longer than 30 days, then it is classified as a non-transient hotel which is in the same classification as an apartment building. If the stays are shorter than 30 days, then it is a regular hotel.


Interesting because the minimum stay is 30 days


Noticed last night that the dreaded Days Inn on Lane Street has been surrounded by construction fencing. I can’t find any permits or anything else online - anyone heard anything?


Well, that’s some good news!


That is good news. Interestingly enough, I don’t see any change in ownership on the tax records. The property address is 300 North Dawson St.

For the heck of it, I just read some reviews. They are so bad it’s funny to read. Didn’t know it was that bad.


“[Don’t] stay here unless you are armed.”

That’s pretty bad. :open_mouth:


Old Days Inn on Dawson / Lane St . will be for renovation . Permits have not been submitted yet .


What I really want to know is where you get your information from and why you put a space on both sides of all punctuation? I’m sorry, is this out of line?


Can’t say Phil about where I get my info. except it is very reliable ! I am 70 & shake kind of bad .