Downtown South development

Don’t do it, years wait years.

I would absolutely second (third?) what @Jake and @orulz suggested. There’s already a Raleigh Stadium/Arena/Sports Discussions thread; all talk about stadiums in general can go there.

We could also just rename this thread “Downtown South” and politely request that people limit discussion on this thread to development that is actually planned or proposed for this particular plot of land. I mean, this project is potentially going to be a huge, transformative project for Raleigh. It definitely deserves its own thread that isn’t clogged up with conversations about the size of our TV market and whatnot.


To me discussion is discussion and I don’t really care which thread it’s in as I generally read them all anyway. Stadium and sports talk is surely no worse (or better) than some of the other things we talk way too much about such as parking garages (that’s the one that makes my eyes roll back haha) and we get that talk in a lot of threads.


Alright so let’s get organized. From my view, we have 3 threads here.

  1. Raleigh Stadium/Arena/Sports Discussions
  2. Downtown South development
  3. Bring MLB To Raleigh

Simply put, let do this:
#1 should be sports banter, swing for the fences!! :wink:
#2 should be DEVELOPMENT related to Downtown South (thanks @daviddonovan) so I’ll rename accordingly.
#3 I’m going to put a timer on it and give @Loup20 a chance to chime in. Is there anything else to add on the topic of bringing MLB to Raleigh? If not at this time, I’ll just let the topic close and it can be reopened if organizers behind the movement want to use this site for feedback.


As posted above, let’s stick to development plans, zoning, whatever, related to Downtown South on this thread. Anything sports related will be moved over to the Raleigh Stadium/Arena/Sports Discussions thread.

Thanks all for motivating me to clean this up a bit.


Hey thanks Leo. I think getting organized is a good idea. I’ll just give my point of view.

  • I think Bring MLB to Raleigh is a good thread to kind of just keep open to talk about the movement in general. I don’t really see a need to close it. Anytime a new article is posted about it in the local/nation media and as we host new events or have some updates on MLB expansion and how Raleigh fits in, etc people can just flow it in there.

  • I also think there is a debate to be had that is about stadiums in Raleigh and how we use our ‘tourism tax dollars’ . For instance, does Raleigh jump in now and use the money to build a stadium for NCFC/Courage. It will be guaranteed to bring downtown sports, but the ceiling is pretty low in terms of attendance payoff. Or do they put that on hold, get organized and make a pitch for MLB. Chances of landing it are lower, but payoff in attendance is massive. Or do they opt for no stadium at all and just use the money on Dix, museums, etc. I think that is a big debate we are sort of already having…and yes there will be a little MLB Raleigh crossover in there, but it will be less about the movement itself and more about stadium funding or how the city positions itself for pro sports. For that I think the Raleigh Stadium/Arena/Sports Discussions works great.

  • That would leave this ‘Downtown South Development’ thread to be more about the project in general and less about what type of stadium the city should fund with the project, or about MLS/MLB viability of our region.

Thoughts on that?


Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Hello DTR friends … the Downtown South project team (Kane, NCFC) has started their formal public engagement on the project. If you’d like to share your ideas directly with the project leadership and design team, you can do so here - Downtown South District - Support


So good to hear this is still of interest!


Dan , Do you think @ this point that a stadium will be a part of this project ?

If NCFC is still partnering with Kane to start formal public engagement as Dan says, then I’d think that it’s still part of the desired plan.


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I present to you the Raleigh Bobcats’ Arena (NBA) :joy::man_shrugging:t4:


But anyways F*** Charlotte FC


Yesterday’s RALToday has a article concerning 15 future Raleigh Projects . They said that DowntownSouth Project is suppose to start either in the fall or spring . They included the soccer stadium in this article .


I’m still trying to figure out how much of RALToday is actual journalism and how much is “this is a project we heard about once so we’ll put it on a list.” Still a fan either way, though.

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I got a email yesterday from Bonner Gaylord , one of Mr. Kane’s right arm man , & he did not comment on this project starting in the fall or spring but he did say that DowntownSouth was a active project .


I just got this email about Downtown South from Bonner Gaylord:


Please join me for a virtual meeting on the proposed Downtown South project in South Raleigh and the transportation benefits and traffic plans for the project. We’ll give an overview of the project before diving into the transportation topic. "

I wonder what will change now that tourist tax money is recommended to all going to the PNC arena reno or replacement project.


I spoke with Steve Malik several days ago and asked about whether the stadium was still happening. his answer: “obviously a bit delayed with the state of the world but YES, it is happening.”


There is to me at least, a lot of distance between downtown proper and downtown south project. Probably why I’m really not that excited about it. Guess it will clear up the blight that exists there now, but it will be the age old gentrification battles that will take decades to connect this area to downtown.