DTR Barbecue Thread

Ribs are by far my least favorite bbq choice (except when I’m in Memphis), so I can’t speak to that, but their pork and brisket are both strong imo. Great sides, too.

I thought Midwood was generally kind of B to B+ across the board - everything was a bit too salty. Awesome sauces, though.

All that to say, your mileage my vary!


I almost ordered the brisket. I’ll go back and try again. If it wasn’t obvious, I was mostly joking about eastern NC BBQ, even if the vinegar sauce gives this old man a bit of heartburn. To be fair we spent a good amount of time checking out New Anthem before Midwood, so I’ll maybe take another, more balanced visit of our local new BBQ joints and report back here. I know my opinion elicits very strong reactions, so I take this pretty seriously.


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:We have a new stop on the DTR BBQ trail. I repeat, we have a new stop on the DTR BBQ trail.:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Mac’s Speed Shop is opening soon in Five Points, right next to the Rialto. The owners were nice enough to roam the neighborhood and give out samples. Full disclosure, haven’t tried it yet, but the pictures on their website lead me to believe it will be solid. I’m stoked.


I was the lucky recipient of one of the sampler bags being handed out around the neighborhood. The food seems very similar to the original South End Charlotte location (which I’ve visited many times over the last um, more than a decade) - and there isn’t a lot of overlap with the more traditional eastern NC styles. The burnt ends are still very nice, and there is more sides variety than most of the other barbecue restaurants in the area.

Why do we not have Mission BBQ in Raleigh yet? It’s the only good BBQ chain and they’re all over the Southeast, just not here.

Maybe because it’s a national chain for cities with otherwise crappy Q.?


Greenville doesn’t have much, but it has amazing bbq and also a Mission