DTR Barbecue Thread

Bunn’s cornbread is way better than Sam Jones


Bunn’s is thinner, which makes it crispier. I really like it, too.

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So, as promised. Sam Jones BBQ’s Sweet Potato Muffins.

(Definitely better than their unleavened corn bread.)


Impressive huggybear

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Finally getting a taste of Longleaf Swine BBQ!


I think the Federal Courthouse will “look” a lot “nicer” in context with the Vela Longview tower across the street. Meaning to say; I think it will fit in better when paired with some taller, nicer looking buildings - vs sticking out like a sore thumb now.


Finally tried Longleaf Swine today for lunch and thought it was good. I had a pulled pork sandwich which was good (though I still think Sam Jones is the best in Raleigh). They have vegetarian collard green melt sandwich which was surprisingly tasty and my wife liked as an alternative to barbecue (which means I will probably get BBQ more often). IMO smart move to have a veggie entrée, especially one as well executed as this. We also tried the mac and cheese (pretty good) and roasted sweet potatoes (delicious). Also got a good Burial Wheat Ale. It is a nice buildout and we enjoyed the atmosphere. It will probably go into our semi-regular rotation. Great addition to downtown which does have a pretty decent critical mass of BBQ with this, Sam Jones, The Pit, and Clyde Coopers.


I have STILL yet to try Sam Jones! I really want to and especially to try the cornbread that I have heard almost exclusively terrible things about, specifically because I wanna see what the hell the fuss is all about and why its so bad :rofl:



Jake Wood (Lawerence BBQ) new BBQ festival May 21st, Raleigh. BBQ, Beer, Cocktails, Oysters, Dessert, Music :beers: :oyster: :cocktail:, :ice_cream: :banjo: What else could one ask for in a festival :grin:


DAMMIT I’ll be out of town. I would love this!!!

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News flash, eastern NC “BBQ” is gross. Someone needed to say that.


If you don’t like Texas BBQ (which is the superior bbq to be clear :wink:), an event with brisket in the name might not be for you. You just need to start a competing Prosecco & Pork event!

Sadly it doesn’t have either of my favorite regional brisket purveyors, Picnic in Durham and ZZQ in Richmond. I’ll have to try some of these guys’ though!

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This is possibly your worst take yet lol. Do you though :joy:


It’s not easy being so right all the time…

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at least that is what @GucciLittlePenguin tells you. :star_struck:

I certainly don’t tell him that. :joy:

I like eastern BBQ, western BBQ…really, if it’s BBQ, I’ll probably eat it. :drooling_face: There is something about that vinegar twang that just hits the spot, though. Favorite vinegar based sauce BBQ locations, anyone?


Kings in Kinston in the state. Longleaf in ITB.


My favorite is Sam Jones, with Longleaf Swine getting an honorable mention.


The one time we went to Longleaf, I got some hard, dry ribs. Seemed like a limited selection too. Wasn’t impressed. Seemed like a cool place tho. I’d be happy to give it another shot. Really enjoyed Midwood Smokehouse tho. All kinds of tasty food.

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