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Hey all,

Given this group’s interest in all things urbanism/transit, I thought it might be cool to start a “little free library” of sorts to share good books that folks might want to read and then pass on to other members of the community. It’s also an excuse for me to get rid of some classics from grad school that have been gathering dust on my shelf! If folks are interested in any of these, reply/dm me and you can pick up on our front porch in Oakwood (DM for address).

  • Donald Shoup’s seminal The High Cost of Free Parking
  • The Transit Metropolis by Robert Cervero (seminal work on transit and land use)
  • Geography of Urban Transportation by Susan Hanson eat al, standard grad school textbook focusing on transportation planning
  • Transportation and Sustainable Campus Communities - specialization book that’s somewhat dated but still very useful for thinking about planning for the unique urban system of college campuses (but could also be useful for hospitals or any large campus that includes a live/work environment).

Is Shoup’s book still available, @hcjohnsoiv?

I had inquired about that one as well (haven’t picked it up yet), but I’m realizing that I really have enough on my bookshelf already that I need to read before starting an 800-page book. Why don’t you get ahead of me in line for now and maybe I’ll be more ready to read it when you’re finished.

By the way, this topic is a great idea and I added a quick link to it in the nav menu.


Walkable City by Jeff Speck should be required reading before engaging with this community. I held off until I did. Purchased my copy at Powell’s in America’s most walkable, bike-friendly city, Portland. Happy to share with anyone.

Glad you did. Great book. My favorite chapter was: How to make a good first impression.

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