Event Space Recommedations

Looking for ideas.

My boss is retiring and we’re looking for a space to have a small gathering in his honor. There will only be about 16 attendees, we’re not looking for a sit down meal or anything, just casual mingling with drinks (alcoholic and non) available. Maybe some light snacks, or the option to bring something in.

Of course holiday parties will play a part in this since the event needs to be in December.

I’ve thought of going ultra casual - just get everyone to show up to the same bar\brewery. But I wouldn’t mind having the space reserved for us. So far I’ve reached out to Transfer Co. and Boxcar (both have reserveable space). Looking at Longleaf Lounge and The Willard as well, but their websites don’t mention reserving space.

Downtown proper would be best (the office is on Fayetteville St.). Ya’ll hit me with your best recommendations.

Cheetah club. Champagne room

I could be wrong. But Vidrio may have a nice space to accommodate a group of your size

LOL, I don’t think that’s going to fly with the office crowd.

The second floor of High Garden (where Solas was) is rentable event space.

Junction West was great for an event my previous company recently used. We attended (crashed the party) :joy:

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My wife and I had our rehearsal dinner at Taverna Agora. The upstairs patio can be rented out for events like ours and I highly recommend them.

That Jiddi ‘courtyard’ space behind Sitti / Gravy is also pretty nice and run by this same group


I don’t know much about it, but the rooftop of the 5 Gallery (Audio Buys Building) at 5Points seems like a cool venue.

It’s a very nice space, but not very hospitable if the weather isn’t cooperating. Creative idea though. Customers would have to have everything catered because they don’t have food or drinks there.