Five Points, East End Market, & Raleigh Iron Works

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Looks like Ponysaurus might be open? Been seeing a lot of people around the last few days driving by. Looks like they have hours on their website for 3-11 PM until April 11th when they get extended.

Assuming April 11th is the grand opening and this is just a soft opening, but feels like whoever runs the social media fumbled the bag not having a post of any type.


Yeah I’d noticed that too. They had some 24 hour Instagram stories with people tagging themselves there last week, and with the website and Google maps saying they’re open limited hours till April 11, I’m guessing soft opening.

Hoping to take my mom there tomorrow when she’s visiting from NY. She liked the Durham one. I honestly might swing by later today to find out before we make plans around going, unless anyone on here can confirm.

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It’s the real deal. Service matches the amazing food


They are indeed open with a nice selection of beer, food, and very friendly staff. Great looking space. Honestly probably one of the nicest looking brewery taprooms in Raleigh. The style matches the industrial history of the buildings.

Apparently the owner found a couple in Denmark who 3D prints horse skeletons, and they absolutely loved the challenge of making a ponysaurus skeleton. So they did, and mailed it over completely unassembled with no instructions. So they got a paleontologist from Duke to come out to assemble it for them. :t_rex:


That’s really freaking impressive haha, thanks for the back story


Also saw they brought on some good folks to run the kitchen with ties to the former Royale DTR…


Inside the former Big Boss Brewing space


What is this slated to become next, again?

A place to climb on rocks.


Ponysaurus last night.

Was decently busy last night as well as Andia’s Ice Cream.


Can we talk about bike routes to Iron Works? We have some brand new ebikes but concerns of crossing Atlantic. What other options are there? This would be coming from downtown.


i take an eastern route through oakwood.

this one is shorter and you won’t have to cross atlantic but you will have to ride on atlantic for a couple minutes

this one takes you the back way to iron works via the greenway and peden steel drive. should be ebike friendly but you’ll have to take capital for like a block

the connectivity is not 100 percent there yet but i hope it will be soon


Nice. I was curious about that Peden Steel - Greenway connection. I may ride it and take a look sometime. Looks janky but not impossible.


I usually drive my car and park in the future resident parking in the apartment deck

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I’ve been meaning to post about this. My wife and I were trying to get over there from Gateway Plaza recently. We discovered that that we could easily get there by taking the little gravel road between Salvation Army and the Green Chair Project.

There was fencing up around the empty lot that you pass through on your way to the completed buildings in Iron Works, but it was a Saturday afternoon with no one around and it was wide open. We got the impression that they are just leaving it open all the time right now, and probably won’t close it until they start work on that lot. Very convenient for getting into Iron Works from the south / east.


Honestly West street north to Wade, using the MUP on the wade underpass, and then cutting through Five Points to Whitaker Mill is probably the safest route.

I feel ok riding on Atlantic between Brookside/Circus but definitely understand if others don’t - I definitely wouldn’t let my kids ride on it in a few years and that’s my barometer for “is this good/safe bike infrastructure.” It’s the most direct route/quickest.

The Crabtree->Gravel road option is intriguing, will make sure to check it out.


Would be amazing if, once construction in the Iron Works development is completed, they opened that road completely to the public (after paving it, of course). I would love to see the IW developers take some initiative on this - while it may not be a priority street connection for the city/state, it could be a massive increase in visitation for the IW development…


A lil sneak peek of Jaguar Bolera…


So much potential for non-car connectivity throughout this entire part of town. Seems like the city partly recognizes it at least with long term plans. I wish there was more thought for getting across capital without a car