Five Points, East End Market, & Raleigh Iron Works

I’m getting Instagram ads that Jaguar Bolera is opening up on May 18th. Pretty excited for their opening, the space looks incredible! And should be a fun place to hangout.


Walked by last night and it looks like its mostly done, and they are just putting the finishing touches in. Hanging artwork, etc.


I got a brief tour of the space last week. It’s Crazy!
Also, my interview with Anthony Smithson of Grubb Ventures and Forge at Iron Works is live:

We recorded on site too which was pretty cool!


Really enjoyed this! Reading in between the lines on the subject of the greenway discussion, it sounds like Grubb and Co. are still brainstorming how to best get pedestrians and bikes into the Iron Works. Here’s hoping something’s brewing…


Triangle Rock Club posted some update pictures of the Salvage Yard climbing gym on Instagram today. Climbing wall construction has started! As a climber and neighbor I’m very excited about this gym. Once its open I will be biking or walking to Iron Works 3-5 days a week, so Im looking forward to listening to the interview above for some insight into thoughts on pedestrian and bike connectivity. Thanks for the share!


New townhouse condos going in across from Whitaker Glen


Nice, right next to a bus stop and a quality bike lane too.

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Yeah I think that is a common thread through most of their projects!

I’m now realizing that bike parking is pretty bad in Five Points. Where is a good spot near that intersection?


The new 5/3rd bank has bike parking out front:


Thankful that the 10 people that actually bank at fifth third don’t have to go all the way to the Village District to bank


Theres a bike rack in front of the Wells Fargo. The pigs in front of Nofo used to be bike racks but now that they expanded their outdoor seating and stuff it might be a little awkward to get to. I usually lock mine to the parking sign in front of Third Place.

I joined because they gave me $400 to


This article could go in a few places, but I know we’ve spoken extensively about this on this particular thread. Glad it wasn’t worse, but unless something changes, it could be.

"The developer told WRAL there are plans to build a pedestrian bridge across Atlantic Avenue, but costs have increased significantly.

Right now, Raleigh is updating its bike and pedestrian plans.

The city encourages people to get involved to help prioritize places that you want to see safety improvements."


A pedestrian bridge here is so needed. I feel like the city and Dock 1053 should split the cost with RIW and get it done…


The 3 biggest road safety priorities should be Lake Wheeler, Five Points and this intersection IMO.


Agree, that Atlantic/Whitaker intersection isn’t even good for cars, much less bikes and pedestrians.


They don’t exactly explain how she broke her arm, that would be helpful, but I’m guessing she tried to step over the guardrail with food in one hand and fell.

Sidewalk bollards instead of the guardrail and new crosswalk paint, lights etc. would be the easiest and immediate solution to fix the crosswalk. It doesn’t always need to be fancy and expensive with some bridge.


I think RIW and Dock 1053 are both Grubb projects fwiw, although they probably have separate capital partners.

But yes the City absolutely needs to kick in and get something, anything in here


I was recently with a group of about 7 people attempting to make this exact walk over to Wilson’s, and we contemplating doing just this - the only reason we didn’t is because we had a 3 month old in our stroller.

It absolutely blew my mind how bad the pedestrian connectivity was in this area.
Being familiar with the site plan, civil, transportation review processes associated with a rezoning and development permit, how te fck did the transportation dept not figure out a solution with the developer during plan review and permitting? With a project of this magnitude, the city basically has a blank check for pedestrian improvements. Obviously, traffic engineers with car-centric glasses won the battle here. Without looking it up, not sure if this is city or DOT R/W, but if it’s the former, what a shame.