Five Points, East End Market, & Raleigh Iron Works

Yea, they’re making it way more complicated than it needs to be, a bridge is a little far-fetched when such a simple solution exists.


The fact that this is the SAME developer for 1053 / RIW (Grubb) that couldn’t work its way past this outcome is mind-boggling…Too bad really since there are complementary businesses in each development worth visiting and that doesn’t even mention walking to East End or Bowstring…or beyond into Five Points… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Not even as much as a marked cross walk. That should be the bare minimum.


Raleigh planning commissioner Dwight Otwell says the city does not require new pedestrian infrastructure when an existing site like Iron Works is redeveloped.
“I really like what they’ve done there, but I wish they had been willing to work a little bit harder to improve that intersection in particular.”

Whose responsibility is the intersection? I would’ve thought Raleigh’s, but this quote sounds like it’s the developer’s?

A bridge sounds like over-thinking it, just start with well-marked and signaled crosswalks ASAP.


The city absolutely has all the chips to make it happen if that’s their priority. Assuming this was a rezoning, or a PD, the city could have demanded it at the time of rezoning.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but off-site improvements are generally common in rezonings

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Off-site improvements are common, but there’s no sidewalks on Whitaker Mill or Atlantic, north or south to connect into. The Harrispark strip on the southwest corner has them, but just to their property lines.

I mean, how would you make a crosswalk that was ADA compliant if it just ends in dirt?

That intersection needs a more radical makeover than I think you’d typically force a developer into including. Especially since the city is doing the big re-work of Atlantic/Person/automotive way already, just roll this up into one of those.

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If you are saying that the city should require these sorts of upgrades as a condition to approving new projects such as this, I agree.
If the city doesn’t have a legal mechanism to make that happen, then I think they need to find a way to put it on the books.
Another place that is going to be a problem for pedestrians (but not as big of a problem) is at the weird intersection of Cameron, Smallwood, Sutton, and Bellwood in the Village District where the new apartments are being built. There’s no comprehensive sidewalk/crosswalk strategy there and we are about to dump hundeds of new residents at it in a walkable neighborhood.


Although minor exactions do sometimes accompany rezoning and/or permitting actions Raleigh does also collect substantial transportation fees that are to be spent within the project’s zone, which may or not be its immediate area.

Things are probably moving at City-time pace, complicated by what is probably NCDOT involvement which does not prioritize pedestrian improvements. But the intersection improvements needed are seemingly at a local government level.

Cities gotta City.

Ponysaurus is packed. Tons of people outside too. And Jaguar Bolera has a ticketed soft opening today. I’ve never seen Iron Works so busy. The pizza is delicious.

Meanwhile, G.E.M. is looking pretty good inside. They also took away a bunch of parking out front for what I’m assuming will be some type of patio.


If Grubb had to rezone, and they owned both properties on either side of Atlantic, it’s common for cities to require additional right of way dedication and transportation improvements as a condition to rezoning (conditional rezoning).

I’m going to have to look into this one cuz it is especially bothersome


perhaps an example of how to fix others?

Giorgio’s Epicurean Market (GEM) now has its own website and new interior shots on instagram.



Apparently Raleigh Rum is ending their tours and tastings and bar at Dock 1053. They’ll be for “private events” i.e. not actually a thing for anyone to engage with. They would like to assure everyone that they can still find their rum at the ABC.


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Back to everyone’s favorite topic: pedestrian connectivity to IronWorks. I discovered that this crossing over the railroad tracks is accessible today. From there, you can cross over Capital Blvd at a signalized crosswalk and then shoot down Crabtree to the greenway.

It’s a shame there aren’t sidewalks along Atlantic from the greenway crossing to Iron Works. Instead, I had to navigate through industrial parking lots and over the lawns of some of the businesses along Atlantic with my kids in a tow behind carrier :woozy_face:


Same crossing my wife and I used in the opposite direction (biking from the greenway into Ironworks) a few weeks ago. I’m hoping it stays open, at least until there is a better option