Flamewar City Debates

Annexation policy is all about $. This is Knoxville TN overlaid on Knox County. That weird appendage in the Southwest? It’s a high end shopping complex.


Yeah the metro populations seemed a little sus to me. It looks like Charlotte’s 1950 (and 1960) MSA figures only included Mecklenburg County, which seems strange since Gaston County right next door already had 111k residents in 1950. If you added that, Cabarrus (64k), Iredell (56k), Lincoln (27k) Union (42k), and Lancaster (37k) and York (71k) from SC, the Charlotte region would have been around 605k. But I don’t think there was nearly as much commuting between Charlotte and the surrounding counties back then, as the road network was pretty sparse and there was very little between cities.

One city I always wonder about is Salisbury, which is the oldest existing city in the western half of NC. It was established in 1753 when Rowan County extended all the way to the Mississippi River. It was about the same size as Charlotte in the mid-1850s, and satellite view shows an impressively large grid for a city of its current size. Charlotte began outpacing it towards the late 1800s and pulled away in the early 1900s, but Salisbury kept growing consistently until WW2, when it fell into a decades-long slumber (only about 3k residents added between 1950 and 1990). Despite that, the best soda ever made (Cheerwine) was created there, as was Food Lion and Rack Room Shoes. I read somewhere that so many Salisbury residents bought Food Lion stock early on in its history, that when Food Lion hit its stride, its stock rose high enough to create more millionaires per capita in Salisbury than anywhere else in the US for a short period.


Some info on the city council meeting in Charlotte about Dave Tepper’s newest project (read: attempt to get regular people to donate him money) here

Man…say what you will about our city council but I am glad they wouldn’t blindly approve $600 million in public funds to a shady billionaire for his stadium upgrades. Upgrades that don’t even seem to improve the facility that much. And without public comment until the day of the vote.


And it’s probably producing more $$ in long term liabilities than $$ in tax revenue per acre, given how far horizontally it sprawls from the core of the city, and all the associated linear footage of road, pipe, and city services.

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I feel like we’re not getting much for our money. The existing BofA Stadium has (I think) a nice classic appearance that for the most part has aged reasonably well. Adding a bunch of screens everywhere and replacing graceful curves with right angles everywhere will not look good in a decade or so, and the price seems excessively steep for mostly cosmetic changes.

To be fair to the city, its portion is coming from the tourism fund which has to be used on tourist-related things, and currently there aren’t a lot of other things that are needed that would fall under that umbrella. Maybe a larger hotel for the convention center at some point, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, infrastructure and transit projects cannot be funded by the tourism tax.


Yeah I think that’s where my major gripe comes from.

I’m a panthers fan, but will this change my gameday experience at all? Probably not. Feels like a ton of money to get some glass outside, a couple large screens, and a 500 level club that doesn’t make sense.

My experience would be made 100x better by doing nothing to the stadium except adding a roof. Make it possible to go to games in September. Happy for them to use allocated money to improve the stadium, but this feels like making it look better and not actually function better.


The only Panthers game I’ve been to was at BOA for the home opener the season after we went to the Superbowl. Packed house, Cam Newton doing laps around the field getting the whole stadium HYPE AF, and one of the few wins of that season (good god I miss the 2015 Cam Newton Panthers :smiling_face_with_tear:) - aside from that, the game was MISERABLE in the seats we had, as we were BAKING in the sun for essentially the entire time. I’m talking BUCKETS OF SWEAT pouring down my shirt. A roof or ANY sort of shade structure covering some of the seats would be the most sensible change.