Future of Glenwood South

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Good. The building in question is nothing worth saving, but the Hibernian building is way too cool to lose.


I agree. It was the building that started Glenwood South with Sunflowers sandwich shop. Would hate to lose it.


The 301 Glenwood (Plates building) rezoning is under review until 6/23. And it looks like that adorable house marooned in the parking lot will stay a spite house, which is fun.



I literally haven’t been in Hibernian since before the fire back in December 2012. No particular reason beyond that I don’t go on Glenwood much. How much of the old building beyond the brick facade is even left, and how much is compleltely rebuilt post-fire?

Was there last week with @OakCityDylan and @OakCityKarla for dinner.
Interestingly enough, we talked about the fire and the fact that I was there on Christmas Eve for lunch just two days before the fire. We were talking about what it was like prior to the fire. FWIW, much of the vibe is the same, but nearly everything was replaced. The space also lost its fireplace and the sunk-in part of the main bar area. Also, and most obviously, a second level was added.


As if that means anything…

If I’m not mistaken, I think the downstairs portion of the building at the corner of North and Glenwood is mostly original. Haven’t been in a while, but I remember thinking that it looked the same to me.

I really miss the cozy vibe of the original “library” section.

That original Sunflower area is still separate from the rest of the first floor, but it too has been changed over the years. I am not sure how much of that is due to the fire and/or renovations over time. There may be some original parts and pieces.

Here are a couple of photos from Dec. 26, 2012

And here’s one from Jan. 6, 2014 as their expansion and restoration were nearing completion.


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