General Retail/Restaurant News

Just the same high-quality reporting from WRAL that we’ve come to expect.

Mustang House is definitely in the duke energy building on Fayetteville.


Don’t understand why it takes until August for this change to go into effect.

Last three bullets:

  • Add permanent signage on street poles
  • Add permanent trash & recycling receptacles
  • Make changes to Social District webpage and business signage

All take time to order/fabricate and install before unleashing.

Particularly measured in City Time.

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Insane line this evening for free Jeni’s Ice Cream in the Village District.


If you wait in line for over an hour is it really free? :joy:


That’s just dumb. It’s f’ing ice cream…& a chain when Goodberry’s is around the corner. A locally owned ice cream store……that’s pretty damn good actually.


Oh to be clear, I didn’t wait in that line! I was there for Moe Monday and just investigated what in the Hell was going on when I saw that insanity.


I wouldn’t wait in a line like that. Easier to just pay the few bucks on a different day. I’ve never been to Goodberry’s but I think it’s that frozen custard shit which isn’t what I’m looking for. I very much like the different fun flavors of Jeni’s ice creams that I’ve had. I wish them well.


That was my first thought - really stupid use of time. Bizarre.

I think an event at Broughton was going on last night, similar situation over at Goodberry’s, the line was all the way to the bathroom. At least 70-80 people long and with two roosters closed on Monday’s, I gave up and bought ice cream from Publix.

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Jeni’s better than Goodberrys. Goodberrys half melted most of the time and tables are sticky with boogers .


Funniest :nut_and_bolt: insight yet…kudos


Hadn’t noticed that second part (blissful ignorance I guess) but yah especially when it’s hot it’s pretty much soup within about a minute.

Nice new addition to the Downtown Durham beer scene.

And that’s not the only brewery news this week, Crank Arm Brewing Company announced Friday morning via Raleigh Magazine that it would be opening a Durham taproom on the ground floor of the Beckon Apartments on Liggett Street. The space will have 24 taps and a full liquor bar. They are hoping to open by the end of the year. Crank Arm has been a Raleigh staple for a decade.

Foodie News: Two Raleigh breweries announce expansions (


Very disappointed to discover last evening that Wegmans has removed the brick pizza oven at the Raleigh store and replaced it with a standard pizza oven. :flushed: This store was the only Wegmans in the Triangle to have the brick oven. They are also using a premade crust now, which results in a pizza with a much thicker bottom crust. They haven’t reduced their prices though ($16 for a large pizza with one topping, compared to $10-12 just a few years ago). Needless to say that Wegmans will not be getting any more of our pizza dollars in the future. Any recommendations for places in the Triangle serving a good NY-style pizza with a properly charred thin crust are welcome!


They also stopped selling self serve bulk nuts and candies. I used to get Jordan almonds there but haven’t seen them in the store, even pre-packaged.

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Frank’s Pizza on New Bern Ave


We make a pretty good homemade dough and pizza, though with a regular oven. I hear @dtraleigh has a pretty fancy pizza oven and makes some bangin’ (hangin’) pizza… I’m sure he’s open most nights for people on here to stop by.

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I never saw anyone in line at the pizza station - honestly I usually got sandwiches instead. Feels weird to get pizza at a grocery store imo.

Oakwood Pizza Box in Raleigh and Pizzeria Toro in Durham do the best pizza in the Triangle imo.


I’d like to know the official definition of a NY style pizza. I love a thin crust charred pizza, but it seems like to a lot of people it means just a thin and floppy slice which you fold over to eat, which doesn’t appeal to me.