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The Hippo had a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio thrown through their window yesterday. Don’t think anything was stolen, just people being shitty.

Alright. That’s it. I want a full invasion of the National Guard on the streets of Downtown Raleigh on a 24/7 watch. Zero strikes policy. Floodlights on every street. One tank patrolling up and down Wilmington street.

City Grooming will be one of the businesses coming to Dupont Circle. They are currently located on W. Johnson Street.

This seems like a weirdly good marketing opportunity.

EDIT: Just thinking offhand:

Our shop has become the latest spot for budget wines aspiring for shelf stardom.

In a daring display of ambition, a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio auditioned went full Kool-Aid man in their attempt to make the cut. While we admire the enthusiasm, our selection process is a bit more refined.


Much better way to approach things compared to Clyde Cooper’s recent approach. :expressionless:


Clearly this was politically motivated.

Surprised no one had posted this yet. I used to work with a guy from California and he would never stop talking about this place.

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It’s good, but like most hyped regional burger chains it will never be as good as the locals remember it for.


Assuming this is something new


The current City Council is useless. Its waaaay past time for a real”hammer” to drop on the homeless randomly wandering around.

Went to Vics tonight to support them. Restaurant was packed. There was a private security guard walking around which kept the panhandlers, etc out of City Market proper…

HOWEVER…nobody was monitoring the EAST side parking lot….so guess what I had to deal with? Why in the hell did I have to pay to park in this lot where the minute you step out of your vehicle you are accosted by someone 2 seconds after stepping out of a vehicle?

Why would the City want to spend millions to build yet another bus station in the Warehouse District when Moore Square/City Market is such a shit show??!!!


Give me the Kannapolis/Salisbury What A Burger

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Yup. Much better than Shake Shack, though, and the Texas toast is delicious.

I guess everyone has different tastes, but I was just in Austin and had Whataburger and while I wouldn’t call it inedible, it certainly was not good.

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Another reason for Austin ex-pats to move here I guess.

I believe that’s Crawford’s new spot

Crawford’s restaurant Brodeto is supposed to open late 2023 in Iron Works, but this says it’s a Giorgio’s Group restaurant. Are they mixing it up with the already open East End Bistrot? As it’s written, it makes me think it’s something new. I guess I can go check it out.

Plus Brodeto looks like this inside already


According to their follow up to my questions, ACS says it’s a different spot. Sounds awesome. See below:


You want the city council to make wandering around illegal?

They can for panhandling

Berkeley said this past weekend that they’d be open for drinks still another week or so, basically through end of November possibly, even.

Meanwhile Fiction Kitchen is done after this weekend and has found a temporary transition home apparently. So that’s cool!