Glenwood South | Hemp Pharmacy

Looks like a “Hemp Pharmacy” has entered the former Emily & Co space on the South end of Glenwood across from One Glenwood. Anyone know the details about this piece of property? Will this eventually be taken down and a tower be put up?

My personal opinion… with the parking in the back… this would have made for a great coffee shop location. Especially with the new buildings going in across the street.

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You are too funny…Lol
Seriously, you know that the may tear it down or more likely renovate and add a floor or 2…

I think this sliver of land would make an awesome urban park. Clear out the trees along the RR tracks, and you would have great skyline views of downtown. And a cool place to have lunch if you work in One Glenwood or are visiting the city at the new hotel.


I like the idea of scattering small parks around downtown, but I don’t think this is one of the locations. While I’m not a dog owner, I think that small parks need to be available for dog walking around the more densely populated residential areas. This particular parcel isn’t adjacent to residential.
I like the idea of a coffee and/or restaurant/bar. Imagine a two story building with a rooftop terrace to enjoy your coffee/beer with a view!
As for parking, screw that. Let’s stop providing for cars everywhere downtown. As the city gets denser, more and more small businesses can be accessed by foot. In a year or so, you are going to have a hotel & an office building across the street from this property, in addition to Citrix around the corner.


This little piece of land probably won’t be around for to much longer…I can see a Glenwood 3?

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Whether coffee shop or park or Hemp Farmacy (:roll_eyes:), some of those trees should come down (I don’t take that comment lightly, we are the city of oaks, afterall) and that view of downtown would be excellent. As-is they could probably place a rooftop (understanding that’s not a small task) and have an amazing view.

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. . . or just tear it down and rebuild tall enough that the trees don’t block people’s views.

Though, really, from Glenwood, some of those trees look rather jungle-like. At least trimming them back a bit would help.

Does anyone know what’s up with the Solas on Glenwood Avenue? I haven’t seen the lights on in that building in a long time. :thinking:

@RobertSanderlin - I have been wondering the same thing. It’s such a large space. I’ve often imagined them leasing it out to 3 different spaces… maybe restaurants on the 1st and 2nd floor… then a bar on the top. But It appears to be empty quite often.

It’s way too nice of a venue to let it sit there empty.

I believe it’s an event space but still operates as a club on the weekends.

I ask, as during my weekly travels, I usually drive by there every Tuesday and Thursday around 8pm and it is all dark. I also notice people looking in and I can only imagine what they must think…:thinking:

It’s Thursday night at 11pm and it’s thumping!

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Hey if it’s not too late, please take a picture or two…:blush:

Sorry, @RobertSanderlin , missed this. I’ll see what I can do tonight.

@RobertSanderlin , here you go. Site wouldn’t let me load a short video so you could hear the action. Sorry it’s from a distance.

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Most kind. Thank you!
That’s a great picture of the area as well…