How DTR and Raleigh in General Markets Itself!

I was talking a few weeks ago in the business/economic section of the thread, and I said that Visit Raleigh markets our city as a quaint city. Someone replied and I won’t specifically say who called me out but I’ll quote him “I have not seen VisitRaleigh market our city as Quaint, show me!!!” That got me thinking Raleigh isn’t competitive in Economic HQ Development or Tourism, and we let our biggest and closes enemy Charlotte take us over and take everything away from us!!! We’re next to them in population, in TV Market DMA were 24 there 22 and so and so. So there always gonna be our arch-nemesis. And all these issues we talk about in the Forum is important the Census Numbers are gonna be extremely crucial to the future of Raleigh and I feel like this topic isn’t explained enough in this thread!!! We need to campaign for events like the RNC or DNC coming to town getting campaigned through the Chamber of Commerce or MLB Major League Baseball getting an owner to you know bring us a team with a new stadium on the way how do we attract a bid to get a team here. Making Raleigh-Cary MSA and merging Durham-Chapel Hill MSA into ours again!!! All the issues that are discussed have to do how we market ourselves!!!

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