If you were offered a job in Virginia, would you Abadon NC?

Worker protections.
Higher wages.
Better salaries for teachers.
Better schools.
Less religious hubbub.
Legal weed.
Legal sports betting.
A solid blue political core.
More liberals.

Why does anyone live in North Carolina anymore when Virginia has all of the above now. Why does anyone need to live in Raleigh when Roanoke, Richmond, Norfolk and the rest of Hampton Roads, and NoVA exist. Why eat ground chuck when you can eat fliet mignon?

I was born and raised SW VA, I also lived in both Roanoke and Richmond in my younger years. While many parts of VA are beautiful and I still have a place in my heart for VA, I would not want to live back there. For me there is no comparison between the two. NC has always been more progressive (except for maybe Falls Church area near DC). Give me Raleigh any day. Just my personal feelings.


I honestly would appreciate more of all of those things but it’s strange to think that Virginia is the paragon of them all. What about Massachusetts, or New York, or Canada, or Denmark?

Which is to say, what’s your point


Denmark, sure. Canada, sure.

I’ve lived in New York and Massachusetts and I don’t want to go back. Why live in either when you can get the same experience in Connecticut without the downsides?

Virginia is on a pedestal because it borders NC and is very similar to NC and proves that NC can have all that stuff if it was just motivated enough to vote more liberally.

K COOL BRO. I’m flagging your posts until you have something relevant to RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA to share/discuss.


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