Infill around Downtown South

This didn’t take too long but I think we have our first rezoning request that seems to be on the heels of the DoSo project.

@dtraleigh Leo, if this should be in another thread, please move, but I think we’ll see more of this and might be good to track in a different thread like we have for Infill around New Bern.

This is 3 different addresses, 1500 S Wilmington St, 15 Summit Ave, and 0 Waterworks St

Raleigh Wire Post:
Reoning Site Address URL:,1703516283,1703614590
Rezoning Request URL:


Is Site 1 a floodplain? With its proximity to downtown, it feels like something should be built on it already.


I know a greenway runs through it. :slight_smile:

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Yes it is, based on the city’s floodplain map.

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Wasn’t there a thread about a presentation the city gave about this land earlier this year and how they were looking at affordable housing?

But 100% need urban infill everywhere physically possible in Raleigh. Imo it’s our biggest downfall right now.


I thought I had seen just SFH mapped out but it does look like the city set this in motion earlier this year.


While I do understand the rezoning request to go from residential to mixed use, the number of stories makes no sense? (and yes, I know that mixed use floors could be taller than residential, but still) :thinking:

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There’s a pretty big rise in elevation from the creek to Fayetteville St to give some decent buildable area.


I’m looking forward to the multi-story affordable houseboats. :rofl:


Fun fact: the houseboats of Amsterdam were originally homes for people who couldn’t afford a home on dry land after WWII. There was no plumbing at all, and waste went right into the canals. The plumbing hookups were added simply for the sake of the health of the city, and the reason they’re so expensive now is because the city only issued a limited number of permits for hookups


It would look nice if there big high rise in downtown south Raleigh

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