Intercity Passenger Rail in North Carolina

Obviously our location is the main key there, but a nice new station right downtown has gotta help with that too.


Good article about the new Piedmont round trip + S-Line development. No groundbreaking information, but was again struck by how ridership is reportedly up 48% this year!


Per this post in the Amtrak subreddit: supposedly the FRA was planning to have already announced a short-list of the corridors by now, but even that is being pushed back to October. Seems like we may not have results for a while. At least it’s due to there being lots of interest in the program!


Can we dream of a day when RUS’ depature board looks like this?


I remember hearing at some point that the S-Line wouldn’t be selected in this round of funding, but that it would be selected in the next round of funding.

Might need to find room for quite a few additional platforms!

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