Intercity Passenger Rail in North Carolina

The Saluda Grade is a landmark, and has always been a railfan favorite, but it has also always been a highly impractical piece of railroad. (Perhaps that is precisely why it is a railfan favorite.) If there is one former mainline route in the state that deserves the rail-trail treatment, this is it.


Siemens has started construction for the Lexington rolling stock facility. Estimated to begin production in Q4 of '24.

It’s located in Lexington Industrial Park on the west side of town.


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And a cool map…



Does one of the resident rail nerds (I mean that endearingly) know what this service would look like?

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I already love the potential design for the Wilmington station as the rail bed is already below street level. Something like the look of a modern High Point station, but as a terminus. Unlikely, but it would be nice if arrivals in Selma were timed with northbound trains and vice versa. Perhaps more likely with the S-line in Raleigh. I’m really dying for train service here in New Bern, but this is the logical first step.


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