Introducing the Downtown CAC!

Hi all,

For the last few weeks, a bunch of us have been getting together and, long story short, we started our own CAC! Check out more about it here:

It’s actually not a real CAC but a virtual one that we want to program with and get more folks engaged with the current CAC system, specifically the ones that encompass downtown Raleigh. We are trying to take the energy that this community has, get people meeting each other, and then drive that community towards participating in the system that can get more downtown voices in front of decision makers.

Check out the website and let’s get a conversation going here on what you think and how you can get involved. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay engaged as well!


Please join us next week for our kickoff event!


I’m curious, do we have double digit subscribers yet? I’m a little surprised at the lackluster response from this in this forum.

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Some of us work in downtown Raleigh but are not residents of Raleigh.

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Given this isn’t a traditional CAC, we want members that have a downtown interest. If you work downtown you should have a voice in things downtown. You may not be able to vote at a CAC but nobody is stopping you from being involved and having a literal voice at these meetings. We’d love to have you and others that work downtown!


This is the same reason I haven’t gotten involved. It’s frustrating for me to go to CAC meetings when I can’t vote, even though I work downtown and live 3 miles away. I do let my parents, who live downtown, know about important voting at CAC meetings but they have yet to go.


At least you live in Raleigh… I live in Cary, but I have been working downtown Raleigh for over 17 years now.

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I think you both could be important contributors to the Downtown CAC helping spread the word to those that can vote at CAC meetings. You can also help spread facts at the meetings and contribute at public hearings and planning commission meetings where public feedback is solicited.Voting at a CAC meeting is important but there is plenty more that can be done to contribute. We’d love to have you help us!


Uh oh, Leo’s gone and done it now! :raised_hands:t3:


We’re rolling!!! :muscle::muscle:


All you Tweeters, hop on and follow @dtrcac!


One reason I and a handful of my neighbors don’t attend the Central CAC meetings is because of the religious aspect. It would be nice to have a way to get involved with the neighborhood government that’s separate from the church. I can’t make it on the 29th but I hope to come to the next meeting!


Do you mind elaborating on that? What religious aspect is there?

There’s typically a prayer to kick things off but you can easily skip the first 15-30 minutes and not miss much as long as you don’t care to hear updates to utilities, police, etc.

There are prayers at the Central CAC? We just go straight to the meeting up at Five Points…

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I haven’t pursued further involvement because I thought it was just meant for people who live downtown:

BlockquoteDowntown residents feel a part of the downtown as a whole and not really a part of a specific CAC so public engagement could be diluted to a degree.

I’m in the SW CAC and attend those meetings and vote, but we’re close enough to DTR that we go often and do stuff. Last night my wife, 14 y.o. son and I had dinner at Wye Hill and then walked over to check out Moore Square.

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I think the initiative of the virtual CAC is great! To piggy off of what others have stated, I don’t live downtown (or on the immediate outskirts anymore), otherwise I would be more inclined to get involved. I used to live in the building at the corner of Ashe ave & Hillsborough & in the College Park neighborhood beside Oakwood up until last Oct but had to move. This is the first year of my life that I haven’t lived in Raleigh. (I’m stuck in Creedmoor for the time being, plz send halp :white_flag::white_flag::white_flag:)
Despite living and working in DTR up until recently, I don’t feel like my opinions on downtown happenings would be given the same consideration as some others who have more financial, residential, or even political stake- which is also a bummer.
I’m so bummed I can’t even vote for city council with all that’s going on. Still, I support and appreciate y’all’s efforts :muscle::facepunch:


I’m in east college park now, I appreciate your comment and your comments will get the same consideration as everyone else from me. Scout’s honor!

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The meetings start and end with prayer that’s specific to one religion. Not that any religion belongs at a government meeting.


I haven’t been to any of the Central meetings because I couldn’t make them, but now that I know this I feel even less inclined to try to make them. And I wouldn’t be surprised if others feel out of place and less inclined to attend.

Central CAC desperately needs an overhaul. Prayer at these meetings is completely unnecessary.

Does anyone know if there is a formal process for providing feedback about the way CACs are run?