Junction West Bar

Cool new bar and event space Junction West. I was unaware this existed until last night.
Located on the elevated corner lot leaving Union Station.


This is one good reason for a 20-story building at Kane’s development on W Cabarrus St. The neighbors across the tracks have been listening to the all-hours music from previous nightclubs at this location for years—and those clubs didn’t even have an outdoor area! Surely a 20-story building will buffer that.

I hope Junction West is a lot more classy than Club Bodi was (i.e., please no thumping music from 12 am to 5 am Thurs.–Sun., or any other day for that matter).


Its basically an event space so shouldn’t be compared to the clubs of former years.

AH yes… the good ol days with “The Office”

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I went to the Offline event last night here and I do like the space. The bar is not totally unlike the one at Brewery Bhavana (clean, white, simple). Looking forward to attending events here.


That’s what I’ve gathered, too. Breathing a cautiously optimistic sigh of relief.

And block that irritating morning sun but the hundreds of new residents might make noisy neighborhoods!

I stopped by on Sunday night for the Ancillary Fermentation event, a collaboration of various local brewers.
The space is amazing. The event space was pretty sparse with some art scattered about while the bar area was open with a clean look. The outdoor space was probably the best feature. Artificial grass patio with lots of seating and room.
Just seems like a cool place to grab a drink or two after work or before heading out to dinner.
A really nice addition to the warehouse district.