Just For Fun: Fun with Architectural Renderings


I can’t help but look at how the architects place people in renderings like this. This is GOLD to me! :laughing: :laughing:


The Willard Hotel

Lol. I had to go back and look at that picture.


‘Push up Guy’ is in several of those shots. Good stuff!


“Yo bro, you wanna go down to the new AC Marriot Hotel and do some push-ups on the sidewalk? No? I’ll do it myself then!!!”


“AC” Hotel. Maybe a tribute to the “Appearance Commission” in hopes of getting approval for a non boring hotel downtown?

Anyone? Anyone? :zipper_mouth_face:


That is hilarious. He probably just got out of that Corvette.

I noticed a guy casually carrying a bike in a rendering of Transfer Co. Why is he carrying it on the sidewalk?


haha, if someone can spot one more, this is getting its own thread. :grin:


Not sure which way he’s gonna go, but for some reason this guy is chasing this unattended child…


Count it! :laughing:


Let’s track the funny, the weird stuff we see in these renderings. This is meant to be light-hearted and fun by the way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“WHOSE %^%@#%! KIDS ARE THESE” BusinessLady yells as she slowly realizes she’s not on mute.
“Um… excuse me Debbie…” the CEO asks…


The Willard Hotel

Hahaha. I’ve had my fair share of fun with this over the years. It’s easy to hide some Photoshop easter eggs in those really active urban scenes if there’s dozens and dozens of people. These days we’ve largely switched to 3D scans that go in our model (rather than being added in post), which isn’t nearly as fun.

Funny you posted this today; I literally just finished reading some ~discourse~ on the social significance of architectural scale figures (yes, this is an actual thing someone wrote about).


At least the guy appears to be wearing a helmet.


Possibly because he’s being polite? :grin:


That poor tree looks like it’s sunk way too low in the planter too.


That’s the only possible explanation!

Clearly he was meant to be walking up stairs, which would make so much more sense. But carrying a bike on a sidewalk instead of riding there will do.

@Mark I was also thinking the tree looked off. Maybe he’s getting ready to hang his bike in the tree because there’s no bike rack.

Edit: @Brian I just noticed that in the same rendering, someone actually riding a bike on the street is not wearing a helmet. Go figure.


There are never any fat people or old people in architectural renderings. “Build my project and everyone who visits will miraculously become young and slim.”


God I would love to see a rendering of a new Krispy Kreme location rendered with loads of gold winning Olympians in the foreground.


Or a bunch of police.


I mean, I’m hoping there are random bands walking through Nash Square when the new Municipal tower is open.