Kane for Mayor of Raleigh

Wow, interesting to read the NH mid year report. Could only imagine what could be done and done fast with this kind of development leadership.

Amazing plan for North Hills expansion and the 33 story tower with Marriott hotel, residential and offices is exactly the model needed in downtown times 3 or 4.

Leadership is needed badly to move the city forward and fast.

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I know that it sounds good to have Kane as mayor, but don’t forget he wouldn’t be able to vote on anything that Kane Realty builds…
Just like the former city councilman Bonner Gaylord, he had to recuse himself on “any & all” John Kane project. And unfortunately this would lead to either defeat or it could lead to the narrowest of margins…sorry for the political talk. :blush:


Yeah, the mayor doesn’t really have a lot of impact on what’s proposed for downtown. If we had developers clamoring to build tall towers and getting rebuffed by the council then it would make sense to change leadership, but the last council was considered very “pro-development” and nobody was proposing tall towers downtown. The market just isn’t there for it. Heck, we can’t even get the Edison office building or 400H built and they’re just 20 stories.

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No. (20 characters, really?)


I have asked Mr. Kane to run for mayor & he is not interested at all .

Politics aside, I was just kind of unrealistically romancing the idea of a modeled effort towards a person that can convey a strategic, mid term and short term vision that would set forth conditions for growth in a sensible managed but specific way. A person of knowledge in building entire communities and maybe not so many former lawyers. Don’t care what if any party they are from.

Anyway, blessings,

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Does anyone have a update on the far east side of North Hills that is owned by Dewitt Carolina’s?

This topic is a bit out there in my opinion and doesn’t need to become a north hills and Kane update thread. I’m closing it.