Kroger closing all stores in Raleigh/Durham area

Neither Kroger in/near downtown (the one in the North Hills area) or down 70 in Garner, is on the list to be converted to a Harris Teeter.

Never shop there, won’t miss it.

With this news, I have a thought.
I would love to see a Dean & DeLuca Grocery Store in Downtown Raleigh, a bit pricey, but amazing variety and top notch quality.

I have always wished they would put a D&D in the Market Hall in City Market. Pipe Dream of course

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Wherever you do shop is going to get busier.

Looks like a great space for IKEA! Wouldn’t that just kill “Beiglandia”?

why would you want a chain candy store?

It’s a grocery store (been to the one in NYC and a few others).

That would be neat, though some part of me doesn’t see that happening. The company suddenly closed all 3 of their locations in Charlotte in recent weeks, so perhaps they have more pressing issues than expanding.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing D&D any time soon.

It has to be a bigger “sting” to have had these stores and lose them, than to never have them at all. I have no interest in grabbing brands for dt Raleigh in order to put a check mark in a box. I’d rather see long term sustainable growth and businesses that can go the long game. Certainly there will be some swings and misses; such is the nature of retail. However, I’d rather not sell the city as something that it’s not, resulting in an eventual closure. In the end, the three closures of D&D in Charlotte basically tells the city that they aren’t wealthy or sophisticated enough to support their business. I doubt that Raleigh is either. A Southern Season is more akin to the Triangle market and an outpost DT would be more likely to succeed. It is also a local brand that would make DT more interesting to visitors. Even then, A Southern Season has had its own struggles financially. Does anyone know what happened with their bankruptcy? Are they stable enough to try a DT outpost?

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The E. Six Forks location seems to have been doing well. The new Wegmans will fill some of the gap left by Kroger closing, however i always thought this area could handle a greater density of residential development. If that happens, another grocer might still be interested in this location, albeit in a different configuration.

I wonder if the property owner for the Kroger/Six Forks shopping center sees the writing on the wall and decides to use this as a chance to redevelop the whole property, maybe with some mixed use. I guess the Planet Fitness does well there, but that wouldn’t stop a developer from thinking big at that intersection.


I had noticed that too. The one on Six Forks is always really busy though, so I was a bit surprised by the news in general.

I doubt Kroger would pull out of the area and leave 1 random store. The logistics would be awful. And between the HT a mile down the road in North Hills and the upcoming Wegman’s, no wonder HT isn’t absorbing it. That whole plaza sucks. I used to live nearby for 2 years and all the development in that area is making it look even worse. If I owned that land, I’d sell to a developer for a bunch of money, and he can put in mixed use condo apartment stuff like everywhere else.

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I have this scene in my head where the Kroger board room has one person who is extremely good their job…sharp, runs a tight ship, and knows whats up…that person runs the stores themselves. Then there is another person who really sucks at their job…they just guess, never do any hands on work…this person selects the store locations, and generally is gunning for the “hot new intersection” because they learned that in some second rate college class. The east Six Forks location hung on for years because they kept hoping the masses from Five Points would trickle over. Some did, but not many. Hannaford learned and closed up pretty fast (they opened within a month of each other at Wake Forest/ Six Forks). And then Raleigh Blvd/MLK? Really? I regularly went there to buy up all the half price health food that nobody else bought. But like I was saying about the onsite manager(s)…they did the best they could…the selection of 40’s there was hands down the most I’ve ever seen in any full sized grocery store. That’s just what the neighborhood was buying. Kroger was just about 20 years too early or so there. Same with the Creedmoor Rd locations…just never ever seemed to be that busy . I’ve lived or spent tons of time close to all of these. So don’t think that this says much about the triangle grocery situation…it really is about that one manager who located the stores…

People seem to forget that Kroger owns Harris Teeter, so they are not exactly abandoning the area. I think that Kroger realized that their Harris Teeter line of stores has a better following as it was once a North Carolina company, so they are leaving the area to their Harris Teeter stores.