Lincoln Theater-Pope House block

The block where Pope house and Lincoln Theatre is located is just begging to be developed.

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Yeah! I hope they tear down the only decent showplace in Raleigh too! We need more high rises and tech bro housing with amenities.

With any luck that block with be sensibly redeveloped at a human scale and we won’t have to sacrifice a couple of the last remaining historic structures in downtown.


lol Or…they could develop the land around it. What a thought. 90-95% of that block is surface parking. And I’ve been to Lincoln many times before. It’s pretty good. Not worth saving at all cost though.

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The ‘historic’ Lincoln theater building is more or less gone. The current structure is just a torn-down version of the old Lincoln theatre.

Not the right picture. Currently there’s no pictures of the Lincoln Theatre found younger than the 1960’s. If anyone can produce those images please contact the NC Archives and on here.

We can covert that block into a world class, multi-stage music venue and recording studio. IDK, are those parking lots historic as well?

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I can’t tell if I’m supposed to take this comment seriously. No one said the parking lots were historic, its also irrelevant to my argument. I was talking about the buildings.

Clearly you have no idea what makes a great music venue. “World class” multi-stage venues with recording studios are for Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake. Not something i’d be interested in. What makes you think that is what someone would build there in the first place? I doubt there is even a market for that sort of thing in Raleigh. We already have Duke, Red Hat, and Walnut Creek.

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No I’m fully aware it’s a great music venue. I’ve watched many great shows there. Won’t stop developers from buying it out and turning into another parking lot due to the City of Raleigh parking requirements.

Also, Red Hat Amp is temporary structure until phase II of the Convention Center replaces it. Unless there’s public outcry or something.

Things change, this is a development blog, 60 years ago the population of Raleigh was only 60,000 people. We’re well on our way to a million now. Things will continue to change.

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I get your point but lets try to use facts. Raleigh does not have 1 million people nor is it even close. You can’t compare the population of the entire county to the city limits of Raleigh 60 years ago. If that’s what you were trying to do. Also - historic preservation is development.

Is the Pope House a historic landmark ? I may have mention this earlier on But any kind of development would have to work around the Pope House and the Lincoln Theatre. I too would love to see a High rise tower there and I’m sure a developer would work something out so that the Pope House and the Lincoln theatre can be saved.Lincoln%20theatre%20outside Lincoln%20Theatre%202

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Let’s create a new thread for this block. I once posted a photo online of Lincoln Theater and there was plenty of discussion. It’s a very key piece of Raleigh culture even if you only just see a brick box of a building.

The question is would its loss damage that culture or not? I would argue that while not great looking it seems to be an enabler of culture so has a lot of value. No one is going to build a theater like that these days so it has a place in whatever the future of the block may become.

For me, the Pope House should be moved and turned its museum game should be elevated. Put it on a nearby lot with a formal yard and outdoor spaces for tours. Celebrate that history by enhancing the experience.


Can the Lincoln Theater be moved? I highly doubt it. Maybe remade a couple blocks east reusing material? Sucks it’s in the middle of the block. Makes it harder to work around unlike flying saucer with 301 Hillsborough.

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Those parking lots east of the NC History Museum are slated to become museum expansions in the ‘future’. Could be a perfect area to create a new Museum District. Pope House could be apart of a future NC Black History Museum or just apart of a more expansive NC History Museum or even just stay a stand alone museum to compliment the rest of the museums.


That is the Royal Theater that was on Hargett St across from the bus station. The site is now the parking lot next to Landmark Tavern. Whoever posted that on is 100% incorrect.

You are correct upon further research. Who has historical pictures of this block?

Good Night Raleigh is probably the best source but State archives has a flickr that might cover Raleigh a decent amount too as well as UNC libraries. A few other places have a unique photo (unique to the www that is) like Harrell Sign company or the Falls Community page. For 100 block of east Hargett I’d have to comb through stuff. Sanburn maps provide the schematic of each block and sometimes the buildings are labeled.

If this building isn’t worth saving then no building is worth saving. It’s old, it should stay.

While I’ve got it up, here is an aerial view of the block as well as nearby zoning. I didn’t realize there were plots on this block zoned DX-7. That feels very low to me with DX-40 across the street.

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I would imagine or at least hope that a developer would be able to get a higher height approved fairly easily. 7 stories is a joke for that block.

Granted we didn’t get near 40 stories along Fayetteville, only about half that.

I’m not necessarily advocating this, but if a 210-ft lighthouse can be moved, then the Lincoln Theatre can be too.

7 stories seems appropriate for the east half of this block, but really makes no sense on the west side.

I also don’t see either historic structure as a big impediment. This is basically an empty block with two small buildings, plenty of room for several buildings, including some height on Wilmington St. No need to remove or alter either building.

I’d love to see something like Charlotte’s Harvey Gantt Center as part of a bigger development.