Local Real Estate YouTube Channels

I thought that I’d link some local RE YouTube channels that I’ve watched. Please add other channels that you know.

^ this is by far the smallest channel with only a few hundred subs, and the host is still pretty green. HIs latest video talks about 6 projects coming to downtown as reported from The Indy.

^ Ellen’s videos are well thought out and professional. She sells all over the Triangle and strives to be “balanced” in her videos vis-a-vis pros and cons, etc.

^ Tanner talks about the Triangle, but focuses mostly on Wake County real estate and suburban communities, but also talks about downtown.


Living in Raleigh TV (The Morton Group) has been spot on with their assessments of the local market and is worth incorporating with the other recommendations.

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It’s pretty good content, though I wish he’d stop saying Raleigh North Carolina nearly every time he says Raleigh. Once is enough at the beginning of the video, but he tends to say it over and over and over.

Over the top salesmanship/presentation < Thinking ahead for a potential drinking game


Thanks for the shout. Appreciate you watching.


If anyone has any video ideas, we’re all ears. We have over 100 topics on our to-do list, but always open to suggestions.


Renting vs. buying in downtown Raleigh using objective data? …including comparing existing inventory vs. new inventory for both.


Good idea. We’ll add it to the list

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Love it ! This is why, I invite them to the forum so we can share and get awesome information out .


Can we update this to be more inclusive than just “real estate”? Asking mostly @John since he created it. What led me to this is the post over in the Village District thread linking the “People not Cars” You Tuber that lives in Raleigh and thought it would be good to continue referencing local YT creators somewhere.

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